Figuring it Out

So we're on about week five of Fall Semester 2018 and at this point I am still confused. I'm in classes making grades I have no clue how I got, completing projects before the deadline that I didn't know existed, at this point what is going on because I'm in lecture but still trying to figure out why I'm even in half of these classes. My days are running together and I literally put November on one of my papers...I skipped a whole month and wasn't even trying to finish this one. 

I've always been ready to graduate and really get into my career field, but at this point who do I need to talk to because baby this last year feels like 6 more. I'm no longer interested in my classes. Everything is repetitive and in all honesty, my major it's even what I actually want to do. I envision myself creating billboards, book covers, storyboards for commercials...but instead..they're out here still trying to put News Broadcasting and Film. 

When I tell you I genuinely could not care anymore at this point. I'm fed.

Mass Media is supposed to be media on all platforms. Freshman year we learned radio, books, film, television, law, magazines, literally when I first joined the Mass Media department, I just knew it would be everything for me. I hate limitations, so the fact that there were so many things I could do in such a short amount of time and actually cross over into every market, that excited me. But now, it's year four and I'm looking at my major like it's the divorce that won't end.

I have so many goals in life, so why is it that we go to school to learn one thing, hopefully be good at it, and possibly make a career out of it? Sure you could double major, but why do I have to come to school and say this is the one thing I want to do for the rest of my life and then if that doesn't work out, go back to school and pay thousands to try again.

The idea is strange to me in all honesty, but at this point everything is. I'm just trying to graduate and get started with my big girls goals. I have so much more to do and so little time to do it all, so let's get going. I'm ready.