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     One of my favorite artist/entertainers ever has finally launched her very own makeup line! Rihanna has decided to launch Fenty by Rihanna this past weekend. The makeup line is set to include various items such as foundation, highlight, match sticks, concealer, primer, brushes, lipsticks, etc. 


There was a lot of buzz surrounding Fenty. Initially, Rihanna received backlash for not having a diverse enough shade range, but as I decided to check it out first hand I was pleased to eliminate this issue. Rihanna has a very board range of foundations that match yellow, blue, peach and neutral undertones, I mean you name it! Personally, I decided to get her foundation and I am in love with it. The foundation gave a very natural finish with little to no cakiness. It looks just like my actual skin. The foundation was very affordable retailing at a price of $36. I got mine from Sephora which was a great option because I was able to test my shade without wasting money.

Some products that I am looking forward to indulging in is for sure the highlight and concealer. I do not always wear a full face of makeup but when I do, I want it to look as natural and polished as possible. I have seen great reviews on YouTube on the highlighter and I am excited to try her concealers because I like light weight flawless makeup. Hopefully, in the future, she is able to become one of those go to brands that everyone knows & loves to be reliable and affordable.


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