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Feeling Good About Being Scared

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Tis the season for all kinds of spooky things. From haunted houses to horror films, the fright is plentiful! Certain things scare certain people, but we can all relate to the fear factor. Regardless of the source of our anxiety, being afraid is a natural thing. When you see it fit, these people should be put in their place…respectfully, of course!

 If you are easily frightened then I stand with you! Personally, I don’t put myself through it. I cover my eyes when the horror movie previews show on TV and I definitely won’t set foot on a haunted trail or even a corn maze. When things are getting too intense, it’s absolutely positively okay to step (or run) away. This is your confirmation that those fears are valid! Anyone that calls you a scaredy cat probably doesn’t have much room to talk themselves so you shouldn’t pay them any attention. Simply worry about yourself and how you feel. Don’t be afraid to own up to it! “The first step is admitting the problem.”

As long as you’re living your life and your fears aren’t controlling your life then you are in the clear! You should put yourself in environments that make you feel safe and comfortable, not nervous and on edge. If you can feel good about being scared then imagine what you can feel like when you’re brave! While the two heavily correlate, we’ll talk about bravery later. For now, realize that whatever you’re afraid of is your fear. That means that you own it and you can do with it what you please, whether it’s overcoming it or living with it. Be safe this Halloween! And in the days after that too.


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Nia Lewis


My name is Nia which means purpose in Swahili and I am currently finding it and trying to live up to it. I'm a senior at Valdosta State University, my major is Communication Disorders--translation: I am an aspiring Speech-Language Pathologist. Nothing makes me happier than the people I love, affection, a good book, a blank journal, and the beach. I'm sure I left a few things off of the list, but you get the point.
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