Fall in Love with Yourself

Cuffing Season is quickly approaching and relationships are on everyone’s mind, but have you ever stopped to think if you were focused on the right one? Fall 2017 should be your season of growth, understanding, and putting yourself first. As college students, there is so much pressure on having it all figured out and more important things that really don’t matter.

With such hectic lives, it is common to lose yourself in the mix. Some put their time and energy into all the wrong things and during the fall season, relationships can be the number one distractor. Whether it is a friendship or something a little bit more, never compromise your dreams, desires, or happiness for anyone else.

People come and go, but you have to deal with you for the rest of your life. Instead of focusing on relationships that may or may not last, focus on making your independence a priority. Your teens and twenties were made for you to be selfish and do exactly what you want to do. Anything that may compromise that isn’t a necessity, but a hindrance to your growth and prosperity.

College is what you make it, so why not spend that time doing things that you love and get to know the best parts of you. Eventually, we all want to find that special one but what’s the rush? Date around, focus on your goals, and never let people deter you from your dreams because once you add other people your equation it only gets more complicated from there.

This fall, make your semester one to remember and try things that might even be outside your comfort zone. When my friends are annoying and my man isn’t acting his best, sometimes I just need a break. At VSU, I take the morning yoga classes, paint, and sit under the gazebo by Hopper Hall. I often feel like I’ve lost control of my life with so much going on and so many people in my ear. I talk to God and write out everything that has been bothering me, just to come back down to Earth.

I normally depend on my mom for advice, but I’ve realized you won’t always have someone there to hold your hand and be your back bone. Eventually, we have to figure it out on our own. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or fail and fall again and again. You are your biggest enemy and once you concur our demons, you can only go up from here.