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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Evening of Geniuses was the event of the semester at Valdosta State University! If you didn’t go, you surely missed out on some amazing performances, laughs, and big surprises!

The Red Carpet event of the award show started at 4:30pm. People dressed wonderfully for the occasion and were excited to take pictures and see how the show would go.

Once the doors opened, the crowd rushed into the auditorium ready to see what MAG had to offer! Would it top last year’s Evening of Geniuses?

DJ Husani kept everyone entertained and his tag “My favorite DJ is Husani” was stuck in everyone’s heads! 

Several organizations appeared at the event: 

Her Campus

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated

The Distinguished Women of Excellence

Habitat for Humanity

Black Student League

Our new Vice President Nick Butler (left) with previous SGA President William Jimerson (right)

We asked some people what they were excited about for E.O.G.:

“I am currently getting video coverage of the event and having a good time. I am excited about the performances. MAGDance has been working hard and the Singers Clash have been working hard and the poets have worked hard to showcase what MAG can do and see what their hard work has payed off to.” – Kim Kelly, Media Team member of Media Arts Geniuses

“Seeing the hard work pay off from these organizations!” – Kira DeMund, Vice President of Her Campus 

“Honestly, I’m excited about Favorite Event ’cause I didn’t think Drag Delight [Gay Straight Alliance’s Event] would get that far.” – Megan Pugh

“What I’m excited about is the surprise that they have. I don’t know how they’ll top last year’s event. I’m excited.” – Tremaine Genius

At 5:00pm, lights went out and the show started. The hosts, Christopher Hawkins and David Burdette, were hilarious; the show was staged as a “getaway” from a parody they were doing of the movie Friday. These two men bounced punch lines off one another in a way that had the audience laughing and feeling comfortable, as if it were an award show on television.

Christopher Hawkins hosting the 2nd Annual Evening of Geniuses’ Award Show. 

David Burdette hosting the 2nd Annual Evening of Geniuses’ Award Show.


We were introduced to a variety of talented M.A.G. performances, starting with The Real Cypher which included Jaleel Brown, Matt Francis, Vonte, Konspiracy, Corey Andrews, and Carla Paige. Singers Clash was an intriguing piece where performers sang covers to famous R&B songs in a fusion.

Singers Clash: Jenaé Newell, Marlaina Williams, Chela North, Catherine Ray, Katrina Solomon, Marissa Daniels, Tiandra Mundy, and Corey Andrew


Next was Masterpiece. Matt Francis, Deiera Evans, Carla Paige, and Darian Hector all recited spoken word referring to turmoil in relationships while M.A.G. actors performed along to the poetry. It was powerful to see the visual images accompany the pulsating words.

Chela North and Brandon Preston performing to spoken word from “Masterpiece”.


As a tribute to our fallen Blazers Lizzie Lohmar and Marcus Holmes, Abriel Blake and Tyrell Ruffin performed a duet of “Flying Without Wings,” which was sensational. The two sang in all white while a slideshow of Lizzie and Marcus appeared behind them.

Abriel Blake and Tyrell Ruffin performing a duet of “Flying Without Wings” as a tribute to our fallen Blazers Lizzie Lohmar and Marcus Holmes.


The BIG surprise that the Geniuses had in store was the National PanHellenic Council performing a Greek Unity step show to combat stereotypes about Greek organizations not getting along. There was also a parody cypher video featuring the hosts Chris Hawkins and David Burdette along with Rodrick Stillwell and President and Vice President of M.A.G., Juwan Andrews and Chad Lawson.

In a closing remark, Juwan Andrews announced that he is renouncing his title as President of M.A.G. and that Chad Lawson will be President from 2014-2015 with Deiera Evans as the new Vice President.

The newly elected Vice President and President of Media Arts Geniuses: Deiera Evans (VP) and Chad Lawson (President) 

“As co-founder I feel excited to take on the leading position as President for the upcoming school year. With Juwan renouncing his position it was not a big shock or anything like that because this was kind of in our plans from the start of MAG so I really was already prepared for the day that the switch in power would happen. I have high hopes for M.A.G. for this upcoming school year. We have already hit the ground running this summer with planning for the upcoming year so be expecting our M.A.G. events to be on a whole greater level than ever.” – Chad Lawson 

“I am extremely excited to be the Vice President of M.A.G. This organization is special to me not only because two of my close friends founded it, but because M.A.G. helped me reach people I would have never been able to reach through spoken word. I’ve been dedicated to this organization since day one, and I’m looking forward to helping current and incoming members the same way previous executive boards helped me. I really want to learn how to do cinematography and graphic design this year! I was President of another organization last year, so I did not really have time to learn all of the different things I wanted to learn from my fellow M.A.G. members. Now that I’m Vice President of M.A.G. I can dedicate all of that time to helping it grow and to learning new things. As far as what I can bring to M.A.G., I think I can bring a unique perspective. We exist in order to showcase the talents of VSU students. As a performer I plan to bring new ideas about how we can showcase talents in a way that’s entertaining to the audience and beneficial to the artists.” – Deiera Evans  

“Honestly, it feels great renouncing my title as President, especially since I’m actually stepping down and they aren’t running me out of office [laughs]. It’s great knowing that I left a lasting impact on my organization and my members have a high respect for me from serving as their President for two years. It’s also gratifying seeing [the plan of Chad and I] work out for both of us to serve as President of our creation, which is M.A.G. I know that he will continue to preserve the excellence that we have exhibited from our organization and M.A.G. will only continue to flourish. I’ve learned a lot from M.A.G. It has enhanced me as a person and as a leader.

I have high expectations for M.A.G. next school year. I have always had high expectations and that’s what has made us continue to WOW the campus countless times. I’m always challenging my members to dig deep within themselves, to think outside of the box and to come up with new and innovative tactics to showcase their talents. It has truly paid off and it will only get better for years to come. Stay tuned for a MAGnifcent year.” – Juwan Andrews


Here are the winners for the 2nd Annual Evening of Geniuses Award Show:

Favorite Student Organization: Black Student League

India Green: Vice President (left)

Micah Howell: President (right)


Favorite Event: What’s Happening to Our Black Men?

Her Campus: One word to describe how you feel right now? 

Tara Fletcher (left): Delighted.

Erica Adams (right): Elated. 


Favorite SororityDelta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated 


Favorite Cinematographer and Photographer: Eliza Reyes and Chad Lawson


Favorite Live Performer: Kendra Adams

“I wasn’t expecting to win. Singing is a passion.” 


Favorite Fraternity: Phi Beta Sigma 

“We’re glad to have won. This makes up for everything that we’ve done.”


Miss Superlative & Mr. Superlative: Diamond Moore and Isaiah Smart

Her Campus: One word to describe how you feel right now?

Diamond Moore (right): Thankful.

Isaiah Smart (left): Blessed.


Humanitarian Award: Essah Cozett

“I’m so happy to have been recognized as the Media Arts Geniuses’ Humanitarian by such a talented group. It means so much to me that they thought of me.”


Overall, the entire showcase was MAGical. Her Campus Valdosta State truly enjoyed being there! We’re excited to see what else this talented organization has in store for VSU in the future. #HCXO

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Her Campus at Valdosta State.