Emotional Trip

         The process of knowing and becoming more honest with ourselves begins when we are able to understand our own ego and the reasons behind our actions. Self-deception is a protective mechanism we often unconsciously engage in to façade security. We often deceive the true feelings that would temporarily harm our ego in order to keep our core sense of self safe and secure. The truth of reality is that the discomfort associated with the acknowledgement of these feelings is inevitable and a vital component of the evolution process.



         Life is a continuous learning process, but we must be open to learning new things. Reflection allows us to first acknowledge negative patterns in our lives. These negative patterns may consist of detrimental habits, people, and decisions that delay our progress in the long run. It is vital to recognize these negative patterns and subsequently determine alternative approaches. Self-evaluation allows for us to make decisions based on our conscience, for example, have you ever taken a step back to think “Why did I react this way?”



         When emotions become difficult to verbalize, we turn to music. Music allows us to express the feelings we cannot determine the words for. We feel connected to music as it moves us, provokes us, and even inspires us as we reflect our experiences of the world. Life’s circumstances are at times difficult to bear, however, music serves as one of the most efficient coping mechanisms. The common pains of sadness and confusion are embedded in our most therapeutic songs, giving the sense that we are not alone in what we feel.



         What gets processed through free writing are the thoughts and emotions we are too conscious and judgmental of to express publicly. That closet of skeletons will only grow deeper as the fears of vulnerability continue to persist. If venting to a loved one seems to be too far of a leap at the time, quick writes or keeping a journal will aid in acknowledging negative patterns and determining alternative approaches.  A surprising sense of peace is accomplished when time is taken to analyze the reasons behind your reactions.


Our emotions are influenced by our thoughts and perceptions of life experiences. At an attempt to avoid the dangers of anxiety, it is important to understand how to appropriately express what is being felt. - HCXO