Discussing Politics

Hello People! It's another day along with another article, and it's time to get serious. In today's sociopolitical climate, how can we not discuss politics and the effect it has on our world today. Everyday, we may encouter various people who know what they're talking about when it comes to politics or at least "think" they know what they're talking about when it comes to politics. Recently, my political science teacher question whether or not we have political discussions with other people and how often we have them. Majority of us stated that sometimes when we engage in political discussions or debates it often can be just a complete waste of time because it's rare to find someone who's on the same level as you in terms of actually wanting to change the world for the better, and learning about how others see certain issue, but if you ever catch yourself in a politcal debate, here are the types of people you need to be aware of and how to deal with them

1. The "Know it all" who doesn't know it all

Now usually you have to be careful with these people because when engaging in a politcal debate they really come for you personally instead of politically. If that makes sense. To break down what I mean, they'll often make statements that start off with phrases like "You're so dumb...", "Apparently, you're not educated because...". It's crucual that when dealing with these people, you keep a leveled head because they can really take you beyond discussing politics, and before you know you will be at each others throats. 

2. The one who doesn't back up their facts

It's simple to often get bored when arguing with these people because with just one statement you can easily shut down the discussion or debate. It's important to have true facts to back up your statement because you don't want to look stupid as well

3. The Hotep

We're all aware of these people, as they often sometimes go above and beyond when it comes to stating facts. Meaning they sometimes have ridiculous explanations behind certain events or topics. You can often identify a hotep because they'll say things like "My beautiful chocolate queen" when referring to a  darksin woman. Like why not compliment her energy, her style, her aura. Like describe her beauty without conforming to the typical use of the word chocolate. These are also the same people who practically talk down on black people who attend PWI's. It's never that serious, we're all out here trying to get a degree. 


Of course, you'll encounter many others, and it can be hard to tackle all of these people, and sometimes you really just want to a common ground of understanding with people instead of arguing. There so many sub-topics within politics that can be discussed. However, as long as you know what you're talking about and have facts to back up your statement then talking and understanding others in terms of politics can end up being a peacful conversation.