Cute Fall Couple Activities in Atlanta

Tired of doing the same thing every week with your partner because you don't know what to do? Want to bring some excitement to your date going experience in the Atlanta area? Well, this is the article for you. Don't worry, these options are cheap, cute, and pandemic friendly. 

  1. 1. High Museum of Art

    Exhibit Painting Display

    Bring out the artsy side of yourself and visit the High Museum of Art. This museum is the home to over 17,000 incredible artworks. There are always events and activities to participate in throughout the week.  

  2. 2. Starlight Drive-In Theatre 

    Bring out your inner Grease and go to a drive-in theatre. A ticket at Starlight Drive-In Theatre is less than $15 per person, which as a college student is a steal. Be sure to pack your snacks, blankets, and enjoy a different kind of movie night. 

  3. 3. Restaurants  

    Anna Schultz-Pizza At A Restaurant

    Vegan. Soul. Asian. BBQ. Brunch. Atlanta is the place to go for it all. Can't decide? Go to all or at least as much as your stomachs can take. Plus who doesn't love food? And I am sure you are dying to try Slutty Vegan, because I know I am. 

  4. 4. Ponce City Market 

    woman wearing mask while grocery shopping

    Ponce City Market is not your average market place. There are tons of shops and activities to do. Want a lazy day? This place is perfect for that, go onto the rooftop to see the beautiful view. Want some fun? There's an ice skating rink on the rooftop as well. 

  5. 5. Georgia Aquarium 

    At Georgia Aquarium you can see the hundreds of different species from African penguins to alligator snapping turtles. There's much to do and see that this beautiful aquarium. There are tons of photography (without flash) opportunities there.