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Conversations You Try To Avoid During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for relaxation, bonding, and unwanted conversations with family members. Every college student goes through the endless plethora of questions pertaining to your college life. And of course you can’t give them your “real” answer so you dodge around it, hoping it will satisfy their nosiness. Below are a few questions that you WILL encounter during the holidays:

1. How’s School Going?

One of my personal favorites. How’s school going is such an open-ended question, I never know where to begin. “Oh it’s fine…I’ve just been struggling with this Science class that has zero interesting or relatable factors towards my major, or how about the endless sea of immature and narcissistic 18-23 year old boys who can’t seem to get a handle on their hormones, or maybe the fact that none of my professors seem to understand the concept of a study guide that actually guides you towards the test instead of random facts from other chapters just to throw you off.” Other than that college is amazing.

2. What Do You Plan On Doing After College?

The average student changes their major about three times out of their entire college career. I can hardly decide what I’m going to eat for dinner let alone what I’m doing after college.


3. Having Fun At School?

Are you really going to tell your family members how much fun you’re having at school? Especially the time when you had 12 shots at a party, danced on a table, blacked out, then threw your guts up when you got home. Yeah…I thought so.


4. You Having Sex?

You know what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with and that’s nobody’s business but your own. Besides Netflix is my boyfriend.


5. Do You Have Games On Your Phone?

I love my little cousins to death, but this generation of technology has brainwashed these little rugrats. No, you cannot use my Snapchat for the filters, or use my phone for subway surfers because you’ll mess up my score. Get out my face.


Every college student goes through this during the holidays, so just remember you’re not alone. Also remember that you’re getting home cooked meals finally, and get to laugh and talk with your family. That’s something to always be thankful for. 


Erin Turner is originally from Los Angeles, California. She attends Valdosta State University as an english/journalism major. Her dream is to become an editor for a hip hop magazine. She enjoys listening to jazz and rap, reading magazines, and being around family. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: wsstco
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