Come Sunday: A Conversation on Religion

Netflix Original "Come Sunday" is a biopic on Bishop Carlton, a Pentecostal pastor int he 1990's who was ostracized and outcasted by him Pentecostal peers because he chose to preach inclusion in his sermons.

In the movie, Bishop Carlton, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, is abandoned by the church because his congregation is being led to believe he has stopped believing in hell and is spreading heresy because he says all people are saved inevitably saved, due to the blood of Christ. This leads a large conversation about how people view God and Christians in America. it showed me, a girl raised in the Church, how we can easily be fooled into thinking God is this scary, spiteful, and violent man when that isn't the case. 

This movie provides an all-new perspective on what it means to love and be loved. Allowing a more positive perspective on what it means to be in the church! I thoroughly enjoyed learning about a preacher who did it in a different way!