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Have you noticed this year the college football season is a little bit different? Last year, most of our highest-ranked teams were undefeated until the champion games. For example, last year Alabama (Roll-Tide) was undefeated beating UGA in the SEC- Champion Game but proceeded to lose at the National Championship Game. The same with the Oklahoma Sooners, they were undefeated until the Sugar Bowl.

This year the teams have been losing to sorry schools. OU was 7-0 until they played a university in Kansas who was ranked very low. They indeed only won by five points, however it was still embarrassing and upsetting for OU fans. With Jalen Hurts transferring from Bama ever since his starting QB position was basically taken from him by a name I do not like, Tua Tag. Hurts transferring seemed like it was a good idea at first because OU was winning consistently. The media and fans can be quite critical even if you lose one game, especially after going undefeated. This past weekend OU beat Iowa State 42-41. Even though it was a victorious game, it still was not a good score. My boyfriend below:

Another team I like to talk about is one of my favorite teams in the world, Florida Gators. The University of Florida is a huge school and is known for being super talented. However, this season they already lost two games. They did lose to two big schools UGA Dawgs and LSU Tigers. On a good note, the Gators were super victorious against Vanderbilt with the score being 56-0. The Gators can win the Championship game if they get their act together. 

Moving on, honestly, I do not really care about this team for the way they treated my favorite QB Jalen Hurts, making him transfer. I used to be a huge fan of Bama until they lost against Clemson. When Jalen left the university, I was so done with Bama. Alabama was undefeated until this past weekend when they lost to LSU. Now keep in mind, LSU was not this big last year. They were not even Top 4. Last year the four teams that competed in the semi-finals were Bama, OU, Clemson, and Notre Dame. This year, LSU is surely handling their business and making a comeback. 

Now, there are a couple more undefeated teams in Division One Football. I just have one thing to say #GOGATORS #GOSOONERS!



Ciara Jones

Valdosta '20

Hello, Ciara Jones is a "Senior" at Valdosta State University, majoring in Mass Media. After she graduates, she is planning to go into ministry working with communication media and journalism. She has a passion for Jesus, writing, kids and food. She loves attending bonfires and concerts on her free time.
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