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As Thanksgiving ends and December 1st strikes, it's time to get in the Christmas Spirit. To get into the mood, you take out some hot chocolate, a warm blanket, and a bunch of Christmas movies. Here is a list of Christmas movies to get you in the spirit.


  1. Almost Christmas-2016
  2. The Night Before-2015
  3. Deck the Halls-2006
  4. Bad Santa- 2016
  5. Home Alone-1992
  6. Ernest Saves Christmas-1988
  7. A Madea Christmas-2013

Family Friendly 

  1. The Polar Express-2004
  2. The Smurfs A Christmas Carol-2011
  3. The Grinch Stole Christmas-2000
  4. Olaf's Frozen Adventure-2017
  5. Santa Paws 2 The Santa Pups-2012
  6. Casper's Haunted Christmas-2000
  7.  A Chrsitmas Story-1983

Scray Christmas

  1. Krumpus-2015
  2. Black Christmas-2019
  3. Black X-Mas-2006
  4. Red Christmas-2016
  5. All Through The House-2015
  6. The Gingerdead Man-2005
  7. Stranger In The House-1974

Bring your family to the couch and enjoy one of these movies. One nice idea to do is watch one movie every night until you get to Christmas. Its kind of like a countdown to Chrsitmas and a family or friend bonding night at the same time. I hope you enjoy the holidays.  [bf_image id="q7jx7n-c85rj4-ea0o9r"]

Simone Hill

Valdosta '23

Simone Hill is a sophomore at Valdosta State, majoring in Communication Disorder and minoring in Psychology. Her goal is to work in a school system as a Speech Pathologist or a counselor, but she loves to sit back and watch Netflix and draw in her spare time. She also loves to design and paint stuff in her room. "A creative mind never sleeps," a quote by an anonymous author.
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