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Caribbean Thanksgiving dishes

When you think of Thanksgiving one of the first things that comes to mind is the amazing food associated with the holiday. Those common food include Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, Ham, macaroni and cheese, and many more tasty and delicious food items. These food items are popular in the American culture, but not so common in other cultures. In the West Indian household, many of these popular American dishes may find its way to the table, but the cultural food we eat on holidays are a little different. Take a look at some of our popular Jamaican holiday dishes that we serve in our homes, hopefully, you’ll get some ideas and bring something new to your Thanksgiving table.

Jerk Chicken

This delicious spicy chicken is marinated in our famous Jamaican jerk sauce, which includes many herbs and spices that creates the perfect spicy taste. The chicken can either be grilled or baked. Be mindful that this is very spicy, so if you’re not a fan of spicy food this isn’t for you.


One of my favorite dishes just so happens to be the most popular dish in our culture. Oxtails tend to be a bit pricier than other meat, so we really only eat them on special occasions such as Thanksgiving. Many people make their oxtails differently, but the most common Caribbean way of cooking them is to boil it down into a tew.


Curry Goat

Curry sauce is very popular in the West Indian household. Our most common curry dishes are the goat and the chicken. Much like oxtail goat tends to be a bit pricier, so it typically makes an appearance only on holidays as well.

Rice and Peas  

Our most famous side dish is rice and peas.We use both beans and peas, but the name remains the same. You can either use red kidney beans or pigeon peas which we refer to as “gungo” peas.


This sweet treat is fried to perfection and can be served as a side or a starter.

Jamaican Rum Cake 

This delicious dessert is a tastier version of fruit cake and is served at every holiday.


Happy holidays collegiates 







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