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Campus Cutie: Kinard Thomas ’14

You may have seen him walking around campus. You might see him working out in the gym. He might have even helped you fix your computer problems at the IT Helpdesk. He’s got a heart of gold and is one of the most down-to-Earth people you will ever meet! Get to know VSU’s own Campus Cutie Kinard Thomas.


Name: Kinard Thomas

Age: 21

Sign: Cancer (June 28, 1992)

Hometown: Dacula, GA

Classification: Senior

Major: Computer Information Systems

What are you involved with on campus? ACM Chapter at Valdosta State, Student Technician (IT)

What are your interests and hobbies? Working out and hanging out with friends

What is your dream job? Software Developer for Google

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Spain

Three words that describe you: Relaxed, Responsible, Consistent

Favorite TV Show: Martin

Favorite Movie: Transformers

Favorite Sports Team (s): Philadelphia Eagles

For the Ladies

What do you first notice about a girl? Smile

Who’s your celebrity crush? Lira Mercer

Biggest turn-ons? Biggest turn-offs? Biggest turn-ons would be good conversation and a good sense of humor. Biggest turn-offs would be stuck-up and one that’s too serious all the time.

What do you look for in a girl? I look for a girl [who] has her priorities in check, one [who] I am able to communicate with on a good vibe type level.

Deal breaker? Only deal breaker would be interest level. If it’s mutual, then there is no deal breaker, or else we are just wasting our time.

What piece of advice would you give to girls (in terms of dating or just being a friend)? Often girls expect guys to take “a hint.”  I know I would just prefer for them to be straight up with me about how they feel. I am the easiest person in the world to talk to. I don’t bite.

Hey, everyone. My name is Ashlea Danielle. I'm 22. Senior at Valdosta State University. #TeamScorpio #BlazerNation
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