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Campus Cutie Dillon Veal ’17

Meet Dillon Veal, a southern country boy with a love for football and all things outdoors. Saturdays during the school season are spent playing for the VSU football team and Sundays are spent studying away in the library. Get to know this sweet guy a little bit more below!

Name: Dillon Todd Veal

Major: Biology

Hometown: Blackshear, GA

Classification: Sophomore

Campus Involvement: VSU Football, HSA Relay for Life team, & FCA

Relationship Status: Single

Cat or Dog Person: I am definitely a dog person. I have a Boykin Spaniel named Milo and he is the best dog ever!

HC: Hey Dillon! To kick this off, tell us your favorite pick-up line!

Dillon: “Are you my appendix? Because I have a funny feeling in my stomach that makes me feel like I should take you out.”

HC: That’s a good one! That pick-up line reminds us of your major. What do you plan to do with a Biology degree?

Dillon: With a major in Biology, I plan to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree. Afterwards, I intend on going to Physician’s Assistant (PA) school.

HC: That sounds great. What about VSU brought you here to pursue this degree?

Dillon: My attention was brought to VSU initially because of an offer to play football. After that I began to do my research and chose VSU because of the excellent biology program and championship caliber sports team.

HC: Aside from school, what are some things you love to do?

Dillon: Hunting and fishing are two of my absolute favorite things to do. I am normally doing at least one of those two things at all times of the year. I also really like to cook. Whether it’s outside on the grill, or inside on the stove top, I really enjoy whipping up new recipes. I enjoy pretty much any outside activity. Staying inside all day is just not something that I am meant to do.

HC: Where would we catch Dillon Veal on an average Saturday night?

Dillon: Average Saturday nights can be a variety of different things. In the fall, they can consist of finishing up a game of football, hopefully with a win. In the winter, they can be a night out with all of my friends or a night around the fire, getting ready for a deer hunt the next morning. In the summertime, they can be spent at the beach, or on my family’s boat, or in the gym preparing for the next football season.

HC: Wow, it sounds like you always are having a great time. If one of those Saturdays included a date night, what would be your “perfect date?”

Dillon: A perfect date for me is a nice dinner outside on a deck when the weather is nice. After the meal, we would drive to the marina where [my family] keeps the boat, and then I’d drive out to the mouth of the river where we’d lay on the boat, looking for shooting stars, and listening to Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffett.

HC: That date sounds so great Dillon. Since this is a Campus Cutie interview, and you are single, tell us what are the three ideal things you look for in a girl?

Dillon: Three things a girl has to have for me to date her is: she has to be a Christian, she has to be smart, and she has to be able to put up with my crazy self and schedule.

HC: Now that the ladies know what you are looking for, tell us a little about yourself. To make it interesting, take the letter “C,” pick three words that start with that letter, and tell us why these words describe you!

Dillon: Competitive because as an athlete, I tend to be extremely competitive in everything. From football games on Saturday afternoons to darts or corn hole or anything, I HAVE to win. Country because as a young man raised in South Georgia, I can be described as country. I enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting. I’m not afraid to work outside and get my hands dirty, and I was raised to show a great amount of good ole southern hospitality. Cumberland, as in Cumberland Island, because I was practically raised on a boat off the Georgia Coast. I spent a ton of time on or around Cumberland Island and it holds a special place in my heart.

If you loved Dillon’s interview, tell him! You can tweet him at @DillonVeal. If you loved hearing about Dillon’s outdoor adventures, follow him on Instagram at @dillontoddveal! 


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