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Campus Cutie Dexter Davis ’15

You can catch this cutie hanging out around campus, at the library studying, or you may notice him being one of the best dressed men at any event he attends! He’s handsome, smart, easygoing and single! This week’s Campus Cutie is Dexter Davis!

Name: Dexter Davis

Age: 22

Classification: Senior

Hometown: Athens                       

Major: Mass Media        

Relationship Status: Single          

Zodiac Sign: Sagattarius


HC: So why did you choose VSU?  

Dexter: I chose VSU because its Mass Media program was number two in the state and it’s far away from home. Also, the campus is nice and it’s near Florida so I can drive to Florida any time I want to.

HC: Are you involved in anything on campus?

Dexter: Collegiate Men of VSU and this new organization my friend just started on campus called American Muscle Fit Club.

HC: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Dexter:  In my spare time I like to read, listen to music and watch web series on YouTube because I’d like to do a web series myself.

HC: So what would you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Dexter: My greatest accomplishment is yet to come, I think. My greatest accomplishment will be graduating from college.  

HC: What are your plans after graduation?

Dexter: After graduating I plan on finding a job in Sports Broadcasting or on the set of a television show. I’m open to traveling to find a job too, maybe to California or some big city aside from Atlanta. I just hope to land a job in the media field, but if not, I’m going to grad school.  

HC: Okay, so I’m sure the ladies are dying to know: what do you look for in a girl?

Dexter: Well me personally, I look for a girl that’s true to herself and stands up for what she believes in. She has to have morals and has to have a vision for her future. Oh yeah, she has to know how to cook! And really she just has to like me for me. I like a girl with an open mind too. That’s like number one. And well-rounded with a great personality. She can’t be selfish and I don’t like controlling females. She has to have natural beauty and great conversation. And also carry herself like a lady. And she has to be affectionate. I like girls that are funny, intelligent, a bit of a nerd but still cool at the same time. Loyal, wise, keeps it real at all times. I like a girl who can teach me something and she has to be a strong motivator.

HC: What’s your ideal date?

Dexter:  My ideal date would be me and my girl taking a cooking class so that we can be on one accord, especially if she doesn’t know how to cook; it could help her out. And plus it’s just something different besides going to the movies and out to eat. It’s basically an all in one. You get a chef helping you make your own food and you can eat the food you just made and talk to your girl. Another date that I’d do is take my girl to this place called Sip N’ Strokes because I’m into art. You basically just bring a glass of wine or some kind of alcohol and an instructor teaches you how to paint on a canvas. And you can talk to your girl and drink while you paint. It’s just a really cool setting where you can get to know each other a little more. And it’s something out of the ordinary.  

HC: What do you think is the most attractive thing about yourself?

Dexter: My personality, my humility and my demeanor. Just the way I carry myself.

HC: Okay, just for the sake of randomness, what’s one thing you can’t live without?

Dexter: I’d say the Internet.

HC: And last one, if you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Dexter: If I could have any superpower I guess it would be to fly so I can get where I need to be fast. 

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