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Campus Cutie De’Osha Randolph ’15

You know that curly haired beauty fashionista with a smile that instantly makes people want to befriend her? It’s De’Osha Randolph, or known to most people as De. She’s Her Campus Valdosta State’s very own Campus Cutie!

We got the chance to chat with De and ask her a few questions about herself.

HC: So De’Osha, why’d you choose VSU?

De’Osha Randolph: I chose VSU because, like everyone else, I fell in love with the campus!! It was gorgeous and warm and the perfect environment. It wasn’t too big or too small and I knew that I could flourish in this environment. And I have definitely flourished.

HC: What have you learned from being at this university so far? 

DR: I have learned SO much. How can I possibly answer this question? I’ve learned the value of hard work and independence. I’ve learned how to be a good friend and colleague. I have learned that it is OKAY to sleep in and skip class when I am tired. I’ve learned that time is so fleeting and before you know it these beautiful college years will be over. I’ve learned how to feel and embrace every single experience of my life! I am so proud of myself when I look in the mirror. I’ve learned how to be… ME!

HC: That’s fantastic! What’s your greatest experience here so far? 

DR: My greatest experience so far is a tie between being appointed Associate Chief Justice of Judicial Board of SGA and Blazer Pride Football Recruiting. I’m proud of being an Associate Chief Justice because it’s a huge title that I do not take lightly. It’s a responsibility and I love the challenge. I love holding our students at VSU to a higher standard. I love football recruiting too because I have always been a huge football fan and it has been so fun bringing in boys from high school to play for us and HOPEFULLY give us another [national] championship! A lot of my recruits actually signed on National Signing Day and I was so proud! Time to GET NASTY BOYS!

HC: What’s a quality about yourself that you admire?

DR: Individuality is a quality of mine that I have discovered a newfound love for. There is nothing like being unapologetically you. It took me a while to get here but I have arrived with no shame. I definitely have stopped trying to be what everyone wanted me to be, or expected me to be, and really began doing what I loved. There’s only one De’Osha and that’s me. I’m wild-haired, free-spirited, and independent.  I like getting dolled up and I like playing in the dirt. You can’t put me in anyone’s box; I refuse to be marginalized or do what everyone thinks I should do. I’m too smart for that. I am evolving daily and I love my growth. Once I really realized that this is my life… I TOOK OFF. My individuality and my spirit is something that I really protect and nurture.

HC: That’s something you should definitely take pride in and never let go! So, what’s favorite movie?

DR: Law Abiding Citizen, hands down!

HC: Okay so, what would be your dream date?

DR: Anything outdoors. I’m adventurous. But I’m also a sucker for nice dates where I can wear my heels, dresses, and lipstick… I love lipstick!

HC: What qualities do you like in a guy?

DR: I like a nice smile, muscles, and height! But more importantly, I like a guy who LOVES Jesus! And I don’t mean you go just to church on Sundays. I want a guy who dedicates his life to live for Him. You also have to be a go-getter and goal oriented. I like knowing that you have a plan and are working towards it. I am very ambitious. There is nothing that I want that I won’t work to get. So I need you to be the same way!

HC: I totally agree! What’s the first thing you notice about a guy? 

DR: Smile and scent. I love a man in nice cologne.

HC: What are some turn-offs?

DR: Cocky personality. Can’t hold a conversation. No goals. Bad breath. Negative attitude and outlook on life.

HC: If you were to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

DR: Ambitious, genuine, free.

HC: What’s something that you can’t leave your house without?

DR: My little Vaseline lip therapy, my NARS Orgasm blush, MAC C-Thru Lipstick, and my iPhone. I’m so girly. Oh, and my wallet!

HC: MAC is the truth. So last question, what color would describe you and why?

DR: Yellow because it’s a happy color and I am very happy most of the time! And black because it’s so bad*ss and chic! [laughs] I love wearing black!

De’Osha is such a kind-hearted and hilarious individual! If you ever see her on campus and want to say hi…do it! 

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