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Campus Curl Chronicles: Janika Johnson ’16

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Name: Janika Johnson

Classification: Senior

Major: Sociology


HC: How long have you been natural?

JJ: I have been natural my entire life but until about two years ago I decided I wanted to cut back on my heat usage and take better care of my hair.

HC: How would you describe your hair texture?

JJ: I would say I am a mix between 3c towards the middle and about 3c/4a in the back and a looser pattern of 3c in the front.

HC: What is your favorite or most convenient hair style?

JJ: My favorite hairstyle at the moment is wearing two buns sort of like Minnie mouse ears, since it’s so hot it keeps me cooler. My most convenient hairstyle is what people love to call it “the puff”

HC: Name some of your staple products. Shampoo, conditioner (deep), leave-in, etc…

JJ: I am currently in love with the As I Am coconut co wash and if I do decide to use shampoo I have been using this brand called “Simplicity Hair Oil.” As for my deep conditioner I usually make my own; if if I’m too lazy I will use a “Shea Moisture deep repair mask” and my current leave-in is “It’s a 10 Plus Keratin” leave in spray.

HC: What is a wash day like for you?

JJ: I would say my wash day all depends on how my hair is feeling at the end of the week, that then determines how I will wash it and treat it. I tend to enjoy my wash days but if my hair has been giving me a hard time I dread even touching it. 

HC: What are some of the most common problems you face when styling your hair? How do you combat these issues?

JJ: Up until recently I was struggling with keeping my hair moisturized during my styles like my twist outs and braid outs would become dry by the end of day one.  I started doing more intense deep conditioners and using a slightly thicker styler. Also frizz and dry time has played a huge role in styling my hair, with the frizz I have learned to embrace it and to cut down the dry time I will diffuse my hair when it is about 90% dry and it tends to make my style last longer. 

HC: What are two do’s and don’ts when it comes to your hair?

JJ: Two do’s are twisting my hair up and night no matter how tired I am, and always always always deep condition even when I think it doesn’t need it.

Two donts are going longer than a week and a half with out washing it and do not compare your hair to anyone else, everyone is different and progresses at their own pace.

HC: Is there anything you want to try on your hair that is out of your comfort zone?

JJ: I want to dye my hair a light brown/blonde but I keep talking myself out of it due to the up keep and fear of having to start all over.

HC: How does your hair make you feel?

JJ: My hair makes me feel great and unique because not one hair texture is exactly alike so I love that my hair makes me stand out!

HC: Any words of advice to ladies with the same hair type as you?

JJ: I would like to tell them to be patient. It’s growing even when you think it’s not, it won’t happen overnight. You will get frustrated during the process but the end results are always worth it!


Valdosta State University senior, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in African-American studies.  Food connoisseur, beauty sleep expert, binge watching aficionado, and avid art consumer. 
Her Campus at Valdosta State.