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Campus Curl Chronicles: Jalynn Sandolph

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Name: Jalynn Sandolph

Classification: Junior

Major: English with a Minor in Spanish


HC: How long have you been natural?

JS: Well, I had my last perm in May of 2012, but I didn’t do my Big Chop until May of 2013. So, I’ve been natural for two years and eight months.

HC: How would you describe your hair texture?

JS: My hair is fine, thick, and coily!

HC: What is your favorite or most convenient hair style?

JS: My favorite hairstyle is my single puff. I just love the slick look and my little puff, plus it really puts my edges on display! [laughs]

HC: Name some of your staple products. Shampoo, conditioner (deep), leave-in, etc.

JS: I am the definition of a product junkie. All of my friends can tell you that I literally have a drawer full of products: from oils to deep conditioners, to several sets of shampoos and conditioners, etc.; Shea Moisture, Organix, As I Am, and others (I haven’t tried Shea Moisture yet). I guess you can say that I’m going through a sort of “trial and error” with products. Currently, the best shampoo and conditioner for me is Organix’s Sea Mineral Moisture, my favorite oil is coconut oil, and favorite control paste/edge control is As I Am’s Smoothing Gel.

HC: What is a wash day like for you?

JS: Wash day can be a hassle. I always mix coconut oil with my shampoo, then I shampoo my hair either once of twice. Then, I have to DRENCH my hair in conditioner in order to detangle it. My hair can be very matted which makes my detangling process very stressful, but with enough slip it is very easy. Next, is the dreaded deep conditioning, having to section my hair. I’d have to say sectioning my hair is my least favorite part. After applying my deep conditioner, I sit under my dyer with two clear shower caps on with the heat on medium for a little over an hour. Finally, I get back in the shower, rinse out my deep conditioner and call it a day.

HC: What are some of the most common problems you face when styling your hair? How do you combat these issues?

JS: I struggle with the actual styling of my hair. My hair is at that awkward length wear I can part it and wear it down, but it’ll somehow find a way to shift and look like a mess! Also, when I’m styling my hair, my hair dries very fast, which is not good for styling hair. My last issue is over manipulating my hair. With too much manipulation, I start to lose some of my coils, but I keep messing with my hair to achieve my desired hairstyle, but I’m slowly learning to just leave it alone.

HC: What are two do’s and don’ts when it comes to your hair?

Do: Moisturize your hair daily or every two days (I need to do this too!).

Don’t: Sleep without a satin bonnet, wrap, or pillowcase.

Do: Find what products work for you. Just because it works for someone else does not mean it will work for you.

Don’t: Allow product to build up on your scalp.

HC: Is there anything you want to try on your hair that is out of your comfort zone?

JS: I really want to try twists, especially Senegalese twists. I’ve never had twists nor did I have long hair so it would be a complete 180 for me to get twists. Fingers crossed that I’ll do it soon!

HC: How does your hair make you feel?

JS: My hair makes me feel happy. I genuinely become happy when people compliment my hair even when I think it’s at it’s lowest low. I truly embrace my hair and learn to love it more and more, granted that it hasn’t grown to be at my desired length! [laughs].

HC: Any words of advice to ladies with the same hair type as you?

JS: To all my type 4a ladies: Love your coils. Slightly cheesy? Yes, but have fun with the springy coils. I know I do! I always find myself pulling my hair and watching it snap back into place! 

Valdosta State University senior, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in African-American studies.  Food connoisseur, beauty sleep expert, binge watching aficionado, and avid art consumer. 
Her Campus at Valdosta State.