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Campus Curl Chronicles: Jada Banks

Name: Jada Banks     

Classification: Junior

Major: Computer Information Systems

HC: How long have you been natural?

JB: One year *Woooo*

HC: How would you describe your hair texture?

JB: A mixture of spongy, coily, and coarse.

HC: What is your favorite or most convenient hair style?

JB: Wash n go’s! I love them because I’m really lazy [laughs]

HC: Name some of your staple products. Shampoo, conditioner (deep), leave-in, etc…

JB: Coconut, Castor and Olive Oil, Organix Argan Oil shampoo & conditioner, Cantu Leave In, and Shea butter…the usual

HC: What is a wash day like for you?

JB: My wash day depends on what type of style I’m going for. If I’m doing a twist out I know to set aside at least two hours of my time. During the summer I love to do wash n go’s because I wash my hair and apply product and style a little and let the sun dry my hair!

HC: What are some of the most common problems you face when styling your hair? How do you combat these issues?

JB: Most of the time my hair isn’t long enough for the styles I want to do, but I modify them to fit my TWA [teenie weenie afro]. Also, I get tired in the middle of doing my hair and want to just stop but I remind myself that I want to look good in the morning [laughs].

HC: What are two do’s and don’ts when it comes to your hair?

Do: experiment! I always say that if your hair is the same as it was a year ago, you’re living life wrong. 

Don’t: obsess over length. The length of your hair does not define your beauty. So embrace the baldness! 

Do: Touch my hair. I love for my scalp to be massaged (unless I’m wearing a twist out)

Don’t: Let someone else tell you or “suggest” how to wear your hair. It is YOUR hair.

HC: Is there anything you want to try on your hair that is out of your comfort zone?

JB: I actually just started to loc my hair! I’ve been in love with dreadlocks but I’ve been afraid to loc up myself because of the baby dread stage. I’m looking forward to having luscious locs!

HC: How does your hair make you feel?

JB: Like I can do whatever I want whenever I want. I have no problem with switching up my hair style two or three times in a month

HC: Any words of advice to ladies with the same hair type as you?

JB: Embrace the naps! Kinky hair is beautiful. 


Valdosta State University senior, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in African-American studies.  Food connoisseur, beauty sleep expert, binge watching aficionado, and avid art consumer. 
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