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Campus Celebrity Tyler Barker ’15

He’s the jack of all trades; the modern day Renaissance man. He’s Tyler Barker. Tyler is a junior Speech Communications major at Valdosta State University. He’s actively involved on campus, from being an Emerging/Existing leader, to treasurer of both NAACP and Collegiate Men of VSU. Tyler is also an active Senator of VSU’s Student Government Association. And, most importantly, he’s a man on a mission.

Tyler looks to leave a long-lasting impression on VSU by running for SGA President with sophomore Nick Buford as his running mate for Vice President for the 2014-2015 academic year. Get to know this down-to-earth guy; you’ll soon know why he deserves your vote!

Getting to Know Tyler:

What are you involved with on campus and/or in the community?

I am currently a member of Student Government Association, VSU Ambassadors, NAACP- Treasurer, CMVSU- Treasurer, Kappa Alpha Psi, Sigma Alpha Pi, and Student Assistant at the VSU Office of Testing.

With your busy schedule, how do you manage to balance your school life and personal life?

With my busy schedule, I balance school life and personal life by first having an organized calendar with my upcoming events and priorities. Also, I take personal time to myself do things that I love and enjoy such as watching ESPN, listening to music, or treating myself to a nice meal. In my spare time, I take allotted time to enjoy the small things in life, for that is what is most important.

What has been your most memorable VSU moment so far?

My most memorable moment at VSU thus far was my entire freshman year and the V-State experience of living on campus, becoming involved, and making new friends.

Who or what has inspired you?

My inspiration has come from my parents due to their unconditional love they have showed me through my victories and defeats. Also, I must say my good friend Chris Hawkins inspired me to be a selfless leader despite the obstacles that may come my way throughout our college career.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

The best piece of advice that I’ve received is to look at the strengths and good of people rather than looking at their flaws. Therefore, accepting people for who they are and not for who they’re not; in retrospect, no one is perfect.

What advice would you give someone who aspires to be like you?

To any student who aspires to be like myself, I would tell to them to not stretch themselves so thin in aspiring to be involved in as many organizations as possible. I would simply encourage anyone to find one or two organizations that bring you the most joy, and put your energy, time, and efforts into that which brings you fulfillment. Also, in any form or fashion in terms of individual growth, make your next semester more fulfilling than your last.


Road to Elections

Why do you want to be President of VSU’s Student Government Association?

I want to be the President of Valdosta State University in order to bring about Student Empowerment, for our students need to fill empowered through various community service events, forums, policies, and initiatives. Through Pride, Tradition, and Unity this university can reach newer heights in terms of advancement. I want to be President to continue to empower SGA in the advocacy of establishing change.

What skills and strengths do you possess that are specific to carrying out the duties for the position you applied?

Some skills and strengths I possess is that of selfless leadership in terms of having care and compassion for those around me. Also, another strength of mine is that I constantly remain open-minded in every aspect of change or criticism. I consider myself a visionary in terms of always striving to bring about change that’s in the best interest of the student body.

What are some basic principles that will guide your leadership of this organization?

Basic principles that will guide my leadership of SGA is hard work, determination, and diligence.

What are your ideas and goals for the next year as President of student government? What changes would you like to bring to VSU for the next academic year?

Some ideas and goals as President of Student Government are to continue to establish and to build relationships with administrators on behalf of the student body. It is also my goal to increase relations amongst alumni and the current VSU student body. Most importantly it is my goal to empower as many students as possible in order to increase student involvement.

How do you plan to unite the student body?

I plan to unite the student body by hosting events throughout SGA and other organizations focusing on building relationships rather than entertainment, for relationships is the vital key in terms of bridging the gap amongst the masses. Also, using my position and authority to be a strong liaison, not among faculty, staff, and administrators, but amongst the student body most importantly. 

What is one issue or issues among the student body that you want to bring awareness to?

An issue that I would like to bring awareness to is the Smoking Policy and Tobacco ban amongst college campuses in the state of Georgia. For this will go into effect next year, but the VSU Police Department will not be mandated to enforce this policy for it is a policy, not a law.

What is the number one thing Student Government hasn’t done in the past year that you want to take a lead on?

The number one thing that I would like to take a lead on is making SGA much more prestigious in terms of raising the standards of senators, in hopes of SGA Senators getting compensation for their hard work for the organization. Now, granted this would not go into effect immediately, but it can be taken as an initiative during my term.

What do you bring to the office of Student Government Association that others do not?

I want to increase the prestige of what it means to be in office of Student Government Association and also a Senator.

Is there anything else you want our readership to know about you or your campaign? What is one message that you wish to communicate to the students of Valdosta State University?

The most successful and powerful people are those whom empower others.

Tyler Barker is determined to bring change to VSU, if elected President.With his running mate Nick Buford, Tyler is looking for your vote. Go to www.BarkerBuford14.wordpress.com for more information about Tyler’s campaign and plans for VSU. You can vote for Tyler Barker for SGA President and Nick Buford for Vice President on April 17 and April 18 through the VSU homepage. Remember to #MoveThatVote!

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