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Campus Celebrity Quineshia Claiborne ’15

This week’s Campus Celebrity is Quineshia Claiborne! This stunning woman is always doing something on campus whether it’s working, raising awareness, volunteering, or just giving you a friendly smile! 

Quineshia representing her Fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, the Service Fraternity.

Name: Quineshia Claiborne

Classification: Senior

Major: Mass Media

Zodiac Sign: Virgo


Her Campus: Hey Quineshia, so what made you decide to come to VSU? 

Quineshia Claiborne: I love telling this story. I attended a college tour in the 7th grade with 4-H, and the last on the list was Valdosta State. The moment I arrived, I knew it’s where I was meant to be, it just felt like home. There also was a cookout on the front lawn that just seemed like the epitome of what college life was, or at least it was to me at that age. I never applied anywhere else! I called about once a week to check on my application status. Yes, I was that girl!  

HC: What all are you involved in at VSU?
QC: Lord, Lord. I like to think that I’ve done it all. I believe this is where my love for VSU truly shows. I’m currently serving as an SGA senator where I also serve as the co-chair of the Student Affairs Committee.  I’ve also been granted the position as the Vice President of Service for Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity Incorporated. Shout-out to APO! While working in the Student Employment office, I’ve had the pleasure of becoming the co-chair of the Student Employment Advisory Committee, which is now taking applications for new members. I’m a Valdosta State University Orientation Leader, a job that I love so dearly! I also volunteer in the community with The Haven, a battered women and children’s shelter in the area. I’m also a member of the National Residence Hall Honorary, and last but not least I have the joy of working with our football team by serving as a member of Blazer Pride, which recruits freshman football players. 
Quineshia with her best friend Laneka Alexander representing Valdosta State University as members of Blazer Pride! 
HC: What has been your most memorable experience?
QC: My involvement on campus! It’s who I am. I truly have a passion for everything that I do, it’s what makes me happy. That being said, I honestly can’t pick one event; collectively they’ve all made my college experience. Anyone who truly knows me will tell you that I’m always on the go, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
HC: How do you manage your time with everything that you do?
QC: Honestly, each year I get better at it. It’s a learning experience that you have to work at. I just try to be mindful of all of my commitments, and organization is key! I love calendars! I’m known for being a perfectionist, so that also helps! Sometimes I just have to know when to say NO, and that’s the hardest part. If it were up to me, I would be in every organization that VSU has to offer. Now, don’t get me wrong… I would be lying if I said that I’ve never missed an event, or an organization meeting in my life, but I always give my ALL.
HC: What do you want to do in life?
QC: You know, it’s funny you ask. I’ve said since high school I wanted to be a News Anchor; it wasn’t until recently that began to change. My new life path is working in higher education on a college campus. I’ve become so drawn to student affairs as you may can tell from my list of organizations. As cliché  as it sounds, I just want to make a difference in the world. I want to be remembered for inspiring someone, for loving wholeheartedly, and for giving to others even when I have nothing. 
Quineshia with her fellow Orientation leaders this past Summer.
HC: Do you have any regrets?
QC: None. Every failure and mistake I’ve made to this day, has made me the woman I am. And I love her. 
HC: If you had to pick a color that described you, what would it be?
QC: Red. It’s passionate, like me. 
HC: How do you keep from stressing out?
QC: Prayer.
HC: What do you do in your free time?
QC: I love the arts! I enjoy watching movies; I guess that’s where my mass media roots kick in. I LOVE listening to music, mostly old school Rhythm and Blues. My Pandora stations consist of [artists] like Jill Scott, Luther Vandross, Johnny Gill, Teddy Pendergrass… You name it. All of my friends tease me because I am the definition of an old soul in every way. But I love it. I also love to cook for my friends and family.
Quineshia volunteering for The Haven.
HC: Something you wish you knew when you first came to Valdosta?
QC: That it’s okay not to be perfect; no one is.
Quineshia with friend and former Student Government President William Jimerson at an event.
This woman is truly a shinining star and we’re happy to say that Quineshia Claiborne is our Campus Celebrity! 


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