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Campus Celebrity Micah Howell ’14

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

If you’ve ever seen this young man, he’s either giving tours around VSU’s beautiful campus, planning some events for Black Student League, doing events for the 50 Years of Integration Committee, or doing community service in the city of Valdosta, making a difference. Meet Micah Howell.

Name: Micah Howell 

Hometown: Hinesville, GA

Major: Mass Media

Classification: Senior

Micah Howell pictured center with the members of Black Student League. 

Her Campus: Hey Micah! So, why’d you choose to come to VSU?

Micah Howell: I chose to attend VSU primarily for the location, environment, and easy access to go back and forth from my hometown. I live two and half hours away from VSU and it’s enough distance between my family and I to communicate when visits will take place. I also chose to come to VSU because my best friends from middle school and high school were going to attend and who better to share your experience with than the people you’ve grown around for so many years? You’ll already have the support system to progress and room to challenge yourself to your highest peak [in order to] gain your overall goal of graduating and receiving your diploma from Valdosta State University.

HC: Nice thinking. How do you manage everything on your plate, from all things you’re a part of as well as your personal life?

MH: Wow. Let’s just start off by saying personal life is at the end of the totem pole. Honestly, the only way I manage my involvement and personal life is by using time management skills. Time management is very vital to every college student’s success story. Without my planner and iPad, I honestly don’t know if my head would operate appropriately. I have to write everything down and categorize each objective by a subject, whether it pertains to student organizations, personal life, or work.

HC: What are you involved in on campus?

MH: I’ve been involved in so much since arriving to Valdosta State University in 2010. I’ll briefly touch on my involvement for the school year. I’m currently the President of The Black Student League and serve as your Student Government Association Senator. I’ve also served on our Diversity Council and 50 Years of Integration Committee as well.

Micah Howell at a Kendrick Johnson Rally supporting those for the Justice of KJ. 

HC: What has been your best experience so far?

MH: My experience since arriving at this institution has been nothing but a blessing. Words cannot express how inspired I am by the many faculty, staff and students I encounter. If I had to name one experience thus far, it would have to be the day I was elected President of Black Student League. This student organization has enriched students on the African American history of our university and has instilled pride, tradition, and leadership for a diverse group of students. I wanted to have the opportunity to share my vision and impact the student body as President.  

HC: Who inspires you and why?

MH: I’ve been inspired by many over the course of my life. I must say my grandparents, mother, aunts, uncles, advisors and friends have been my inspiration. I can’t pinpoint one person because each individual has shaped the man I am today.

HC: What made you want to be a VSU Orientation Leader?

MH: I chose to become an Orientation Leader because of my willingness to help people. I’ve always made it a priority to help people as much as I can. Orientation is a vital moment for families and incoming freshmen to learn, engage, and interact with the university on a personal level.  I wanted to be the student they talked about on their ride back home saying, “I was taken care of and I now have a firm plan and belief to excel at this university with the help of the orientation team.”

Micah Howell at a Conference. 

HC: What made you want to be President of Black Student League?

MH: The meetings and events were always welcoming and served a purpose to unite our minority students. I wanted to have the opportunity to share my vision and impact the student body as President.

HC: What’s it like being President of BSL? 

MH: Life as President of Black Student League is really rewarding. I love when new and old members come up and say BSL has helped [them] excel in class, serve the community, and reach the potential to lead. As President you will govern an Executive Council of approximately 12 students and lead a membership of 70+ students as recognized members that are always willing to work diligently. Serving as President of BSL is also a liaison for the Office of Student Life and Academic Affairs to enhance our minority culture and to bring the ideas of students to reality for the betterment of our campus.

HC: What makes you truly happy?

MH: I am truly happy when I make a difference in the world. When my day and someone else’s has been made, it’s nothing but pure happiness. Day by day, my life mission is to strive for excellence, create goodwill, and hold myself to the highest standard of a man.  Even when the journey is hard and I just want to quit, “forget your trouble and remember your blessings.” It’ll carry a long way, I promise.

Micah Howell pictured with American film, stage actor and author, Hill Harper.

HC: If you were nominated a superlative during your last year at VSU, what do you think it would be?

MH: I’ll let you answer this one. I can’t really give myself a title. 

Let’s call Micah “Most Humble.” He’s done so much around Valdosta State over the last few years and never brags about it. He continues to do excellent work. Micah Howell does so much and Her Campus appreciates him! Next time you see this fellow leader out on campus, tell him hi!

Her Campus at Valdosta State.