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Campus Celebrity Mia Rawls ’15

You KNOW you’ve seen her around campus! Her long hair, care-free attitude, laugh and smile that’s so contagious, you can never be angry. Meet Mia! Our Campus Celebrity this week! 

Name: Mia Rawls

Classification: Senior

Major: Marketing

Zodiac Sign: Pisces


Her Campus: Hey Mia! So first things first, why’d  you decide to come to VSU?

Mia Rawls: I am a fourth generation Blazer, so I almost didn’t have a choice! My mom and her first cousin went here in the 1980s. My mom lived in Georgia Hall [and] her cousin lived in Reade Hall. My first cousin graduated from here in 2009. I took an official tour of the campus in September 2010 and the selling point to me was the front lawn. It was love at first sight and I’ve been here ever since!

HC: What all are you involved in at VSU?

MR: This year I decided to take a break from participating in campus organization memberships and executive boards to focus on my HUGE course load for the semester. I am, however, a big fan of MAG, Residence Hall Association, and Black Student League. In the past I have been a member of Black Student League, NAACP, and I was on the Hall Council of Georgia Hall my freshman year and was the President of Hopper Hall Council my sophomore year. Last semester, I finished as the Vice-President of Hopper Hall Council. Working with my hall mates and fellow residents on campus is always a ton of fun!

 HC: How would you describe yourself in three words?

MR: Competitve, fabulous, and sweet.

HC: Word on the street is, you came out with a blog that has gotten quite the popularity. Tell us about it!

MR: It is VERY humbling whenever someone says, “Hey, aren’t you MiaClaire? I read your blog!” Especially [when it is said] by people I don’t know. I started my fashion blog, MiaClaire, on my mother’s birthday, August 21st of this year. Without her encouragement, I would have never had the gall and drive to begin my dream. I am a full-figured woman with a pretty solid sense of style and I am finally sharing it with the world!

HC: Embracing your passion is always a plus! Why’d you do it?

MR: Other women (and men) often ask me about the things I wear, whether it’s a skirt, nail polish, lipstick or perfume. I am not a selfish fashionista and since I like to talk about fashion, style and beauty, this is my way of sharing my journey with anyone and everyone who is interested. The goal is for my readers to be inspired and get outfit ideas from me (and vice versa), participate in the giveaways I have with other companies and for full-figured women to be inspired to be classy, sexy and absolutely fabulous.

HC:  If you had to choose a color to describe yourself, what would it be?

MR: Pink with incandescent glitter. Pink is soft, sweet and feminine; incandescent glitter is a little flashy and it looks different at different angles and lights. The two of them put together is very elevated and reminiscent of my childhood.

HC: Biggest thing you’ve learned at VSU?

MR: I’ve learned to seize the day. Time is so precious during your undergrad years. Sleeping in until 1:00 in the afternoon is nice, but there are so many things you could be missing out on or doing to better yourself, whether they are big or small. You can get up and go to the gym, eat a good breakfast, start on a project or even enjoy the start of your day with good morning television and a cup of coffee. The start of your day sets the tone for the rest of your day. If [your day] starts out pleasantly, the rest will flow even better.

HC: Favorite moment here?

MR: My favorite moment was from the VSU 50 Years of Integration Celebration dinner with Hill Harper. I was having a horrible day that day, but the dinner was full of inspiration, and I got to meet Hill Harper. He talked to me during the middle of his speech! He put me on the spot, but nonetheless it was awesome.

HC: Someone (not family or friends) that you admire at VSU?

MR: I admire Candicee Childs, a member of the Student Government Association and a RA in Brown Hall. She is so driven, ambitious and smart and she carries herself so elegantly. She always has a million things to do, but she does it with a smile. I love that about her.

HC: Nice! So last question, what’s something you want to be remembered for?

MR: When I was 15, I heard my Aunt Phyllis (an Army JROTC instructor at Decatur High School) say, “I won’t put my name on anything that isn’t associated with pure excellence.” That was really important to me growing up because that taught me to always put my best foot forward and to be innovative. I want to be remembered for being the best at whatever it is I do, which means [having] a fresh approach to the things I am a part of or do alone. I’m very competitive, so this gives me an extra drive and incentive to work towards that goal.

To be confident and classy in who you are is extraordinary! Mia is such a funny and sweet girl that just meeting her will leave you with a great impression! Go visit her fashion blog, MiaClaire 

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