Campus Celebrity LeMorris Brown '16

Growing up, LeMorris Brown wanted to be a professional baseball player and a cop. With goals like that, LeMorris began his journey into a life filled with working hard, moving forward, and never giving up. Get to know more about this motivated guy below!

Name: LeMorris Brown

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Columbus, Georgia

VSU Classification: Senior 

On Campus Involvement: Resident Assistant, President of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH - the top 1% of leaders living on campus), Communications Coordinator for the Resident Assistant Council (RAC), and Sigma Alpha Lambda

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Favorite Celebrity: Rihanna (My girlfriend)

Favorite Quote: "Open your mind. Elevate your thinking."

HC: Hi LeMorris! Give us a fun fact about yourself to kick this interview off!

LeMorris: I love ridiculously spicy foods. I will eat raw peppers, the Blazin' wings at Buffalo Wild Wings, or pretty much anything else spicy just for the burning sensation.

HC: That is crazy! I don't how you could handle it. What are some of your other favorite things to do, aside from eating spicy food?

LeMorris: I spend most of my free time listening to music and scrolling down Tumblr. I also enjoy playing drums and the piano. Outside of just hanging out alone, I like to go play sports like baseball, basketball, football, or tennis.

HC: It sounds like you enjoy an active lifestyle, from your favorite pasttimes to your involvement on campus. How do you stay motivated to keep up with all you do?

LeMorris: I stay motivated by thinking about my impact on others, my future, family and friends. I don't want others to not have someone that they can count on in any situation so I try my best to stay motivated to help them. I think having a selfless mindset really makes me appreciate my life and keeps my spirits up.

HC: What an awesome outlook to have on your life. Has it affected your accomplishments in life thus far?

LeMorris: I am definitely proud and thankful of what I have achieved so far but I am not satisfied yet. There's so many things left to do in my life that I haven't been able to accomplish yet so I will continue to work hard.

HC: Who or what inspires you the most?

LeMorris: Just seeing my friends happy inspires me the most. I have a phenomenal group of friends and support system around me. Their smiles, notes, and conversations keep me going from day to day. Whenever I feel down, I go read old encouraging text messages or one of the many notes on my apartment door to lift me up.

HC: Seeing how you have such an uplifing, motivated outlook on your time here at VSU and for your future, what advice would you give to incoming students?

LeMorris: Keep moving forward and never give up! The more that I go through and experience, the more I realize how important keeping a positive attitude and moving forward was to my success. There will be times when everyone hits a rough patch but as long as you stay positive and keep pushing through the obstacles, you will not be a failure.

HC: Have you ever hit a rough patch? Did that time inspire you be passionate about helping others?

LeMorris: I have a passion for helping others identify and achieve their goals. After I struggled with school my freshman year, I strive to be there for others and help them as much as possible. I don't want anyone to go through the setback that I went through that year.

HC: That is awesome! I love how your ultimate passion is giving back based on your personal experience. What impact do you hope to leave at VSU from your time here?

LeMorris: I want others to see the sacrifices that I've made for the VSU community and be inspired to go above and beyond what I accomplished. I hope that I am able to encourage and uplift students here so they are able to find their passions and reach their goals.

What an awesome perspective from LeMorris! We need more uplifting, passionate people like this willing to do the hard work. If you want to catch up with LeMorris, check him out on Twitter or Instagram at @lemmm_b! HCXO!