Campus Celebrity Kenny Murphy '16

If you're a VSU football fan, then there is NO question that you know who Kenny Murphy is. Gaining Gulf South Conference honors every year since he came in as a freshman, Kenny is unstoppable on and off the field. Get to know more about Kenny's drive below!

Name: Kenny Murphy

Major: Mass Media

Hometown: Glennville, Georgia

VSU Classification: Senior (Spring 2016)

On Campus Involvement: VSU Football

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Biggest Inspiration: Family 

Favorite Book: To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite Movie: Bad Boys 2

HC: Hey Kenny! What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kenny: Growing up, I wanted to be either a professional football player or basketball player. Now,  I hope to get a shot playing professional football, but if I don't get that opportunity then I want to get a job working in sports media.

HC: It seems that your dreams have aligned a bit from then to now. It's no question that football is a big part of your life, but is it your biggest passion?

Kenny: My family is what I'm truly passionate about. Football is also something I'm very passionate about.

HC: It's really great that you love your family so much. Is your family a big part of your motivation to succeed at VSU?

Kenny: My family is what keeps me motivated. Seeing the smiles on their faces is what motivates me to continue doing well. The city that I come from also keeps me motivated because I want to show the kids in the community that you can make it out of there. All you have to do is have a dream and give that dream your all.

HC: What legacy or impact do you hope to leave at VSU from your time here? 

Kenny: I hope to leave an impact on my teammates here. I want them to see how I give everything my all, and I want them to do the same in life.

HC: Would you give similar advice to incoming students? What would you say to those that aren't your teammates?

Kenny: Always do your best at everything you do because you never know how your attitude and effort from a past encounter or situation will affect your life in the future.

HC: How do you feel about your accomplishments thus far in life?

Kenny: I feel blessed and thankful. I know I couldn't accomplish anything without God, but I'm also thankful for those who help me accomplish anything because I couldn't do it without anyone.

HC: Well Kenny, for a more fun question, what is a fact about you that nobody knows?

Kenny: I can quote the movie Bring It On almost from beginning to end because my two older sisters used to make me watch it all the time growing up.

HC: That's awesome! I'm sure a future girlfriend will find that fact great! For all the ladies out there who want to get to know you better, tell us three words that describe you and why.

Kenny: Blessed, because God has truly blessed me in my life with a lot of things from people He has placed in my life to accomplishments that I have received and many more things. Brawny, because all of my friends see me as the big strong guy so I guess I am a muscular, strong guy. Bashful, because a lot of people don't know, but I'm very shy at times and I hate to have the spotlight on me. It takes time for me to warm up to people and be myself.

HC: Well ladies that was your inside scoop! Kenny, to end this interview, sum up your time at VSU for us in three words.

Kenny: Best decision ever.

Indeed it was! Now that Kenny is done with football for the year, catch up with him and his accomplishments on Twitter & Instagram at @kenmurphyjr! HCXO!