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Campus Celebrity Chad Lawson ’15

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

In honor of Media Arts Geniuses (MAG) Week, it is only right our campus celebrity be the President of MAG! You may see him at MAG events or doing a photo shoot for his photography business (Stay In Focus Photography). Meet Chad Lawson!

Name: Chad Lawson

Classification: Senior    ​

Major: Computer Information Systems

Hometown: C-Port (Savannah, GA)


Her Campus: What inspired you to create Media Arts Geniuses?

Chad:  Well, freshman year Juwan and I thought of creating an organization to change VSU. We were bored due to the lack of great on-campus events, but we didn’t exactly know what we wanted to create. As a freshman photographer, it was kind of frustrating to know that I had a skill [that] nobody knew about, and to not have many opportunities to show that skill to the campus. After long thought and brainstorming with Juwan, the idea to create an organization to showcase the talents and skills found on VSU’s campus came into fruition.

(Chad and Juwan, founders of MAG)

Her Campus: What is the best part of being the President of Media Arts Geniuses?

Chad: The best part of being President is knowing that you have a group of individuals that believe in you and your vision to run the organization.

(Media Arts Geniuses)

Her Campus: We see you do a lot of photography. What made you want to pick up a camera?

Chad: While in high school, a few of my peers were experimenting with photography, so that led me to want to experiment with it. So, I bought my first camera after graduating high school. I’ve been shooting ever since. 

(Some of Chad’s work)

Her Campus: Who inspires you the most and why?

Chad:  My mom, because of how she’s successful in life and with where she came from and where she is now. 

Her Campus: What are your plans after graduation?

Chad:  I plan to have a career in the I.T. world, preferably as an I.T. consultant and to have a home photography studio as a side business. 

Her Campus: What do you want people who don’t know who you are to know about you?

Chad:  I would want them to know me for my craft. 

Her Campus: What’s your favorite quote and why?

Chad: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” That is my favorite quote because I always think of it whenever things get tough in life and it feels like I can’t get past something. It always gets me through.

Her Campus: How do you balance MAG, photography, school, and your regular life?

Chad:  It’s all about scheduling your tasks and weighing the important tasks you need to get done over the less important. It gets tough at times to balance the three, but I just have to remember that I can get everything done if I take it one task at a time and not try to do everything at once. That’s when things can get really stressful.

(Chad and Juwan at the MAG showcase)

Her Campus: What moment has been your favorite at VSU?

Chad: MAG Showcase in 2012.

(Photos from the MAG Showcase)

Make sure you check out Chad’s photography website where you can find some of his recent work! Also, check out our calendar for the events MAG will be hosting! HCxo!

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