Campus Celebrity Candace Terry '16

I think it's safe to say that this week's Campus Celebrity is always on fleek! She's all about building her brand and looking fabulous whilst doing so! Whether she's networking with her empowerment group called "The Beauty Movement," or slaying your hair and makeup, this woman is all about success. Meet Candace Terry!

Name: Candace Precious Terry

Hometown: Albany, GA

Classification: Senior

Major: Communications with an emphasis in Intercultural Organizational Communication

Age: 21

HC: What all are you involved in on campus? 

CT: I’m currently a Student Assistant in Career Opportunities. I decided that for my last year in undergrad, I really wanted to focus on my education and also building my businesses. 

HC: Can you explain The Beauty Movement to those that don’t know? 

CT: The Beauty Movement is a newly founded women empowerment group that I started alongside my partner and best friend, Haylee Miller. We created this group to help women network and exchange ideas to promote success in every aspect of their life. Haylee and I have been planning to put together this group for over a year now. We hope to make it an organization on campus and establish it on other campuses. You can follow us on instagram @_TheBeautyMovement to learn more about us and to find out more information about our conference coming in Spring 2016.

HC:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

CT: I see myself being an inspiration to so many young people. I will have achieved a lot by  receiving my Bachelors degree, Cosmetology License, and Cosmetology Instructors License. I see myself being a Cosmetology Instructor at an illustrious beauty school, starting my hair and make-up studio Impressiv Beauty, and traveling to host conferences around the world for The Beauty Movement.  

HC: If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 items, what would you bring? 

CT: A basket full of nonperishable foods, a lighter and a gallon of purified water.

HC: What is your favorite quote and why? 

CT: "La Vie Est Belle," which means “Life is Beautiful"This quote keeps me going pretty much everyday. It reminds me to be positive no matter what I go through in life. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and live your life to your own standards.

HC: How did you end up at VSU? 

CT: I came to VSU because of my role model and cousin, Amber Walker. When I was younger, my family and I would come visit her and I enjoyed the beautiful campus and everything my cousin told me about it. Valdosta is also close to my hometown, so it is always easy to go visit my family and friends back home.

HC: Who inspires you the most? 

CT: This is a hard one. I actually have two amazing people who inspire me. The first is my grandmother, Frances Brunson. She is the sweetest angel sent from heaven. She inspires me to be strong, to stay focused and to always keep Christ first. She is the one person I know I always can depend on. My boyfriend Isaiah Smart is the next person. Ever since I met this guy, I’ve seen so much growth in myself. He inspires me to be successful in every aspect of my life. All of the advice, prayers, sacrifices and love he has given me inspires me to be great and help others the way he has helped me.

HC: What do you like to do in your spare time?

CT: I LOVE to shop! I will spend hours of free time shopping for makeup and hair products. If I’m not shopping, I am definitely out eating somewhere or trying to cook a new recipe.  

HC: If you could give your freshman self-advice, what would you say?

CT: This is a great question. I would tell myself to STAY FOCUSED on your education and grades. Remember to prioritize and balance fun and work. I think growing up. I was always so focused on schoolwork and didn’t have much freedom. So freshman year, I lost touch with my main purpose and I believe that should be preached to incoming freshman.