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Campus Celebrity Camry Winford ’14

You may have heard of a new women organization sprouting throughout VSU’s campus: Women of Diversity! This new organization promotes diversity among our women on campus! Of course, with every great organization comes great leadership.

Meet Camry Winford! Camry is one of the smartest, hardest working students at VSU! She always greets you with a hug, lightens your day with just her smile, and is inspiring to everyone around her!

Name: Camry Winford

Age: 23

Class: Senior

Major: Biology, minor in Chemistry

What are some of the internships or opportunities you are involved in?

I currently have an internship at Georgia Department of Agriculture where my obligation is to test and modify germinated seeds. I also participate in doing research with Dr. Carter; we are hopeful that our work will be published after it is done.

What are your plans after graduation?

My plan is to continue my education and research in plant science and international agriculture. I have been offered a number of great opportunities post-graduation but I am still weighing them. I want to make the right decision.  

Describe your journey with Women of Diversity.

I was part of the first four girls who founded VSU’s Women of Diversity.  Our organization is fairly new; we began the process late 2014 Spring semester as an idea to unite and promote diversity among women on campus. We held our first informational on April 24th, and soon afterwards I was nominated for president. This was extremely nerve wracking for me! My biggest fear was letting my fellow women down! I just had to be confident in myself and be prepared to give Women of Diversity my all!

What is your passion?

What is my passion? It would definitely have to be to empower women in anything they do, to inspire by being the best woman that I can be! Apart from being someone who is always doing research and studying, I am also fun, goofy and have a love for fashion! I try to highlight all of my aspects; every perspective.  Women can hold both virtue and capability. By this I mean women are sweet, pretty, girly and at the same time empowering, strong, [and] executive! When you put these qualities together you cannot break a woman down!  

Who do you admire the most?

I admire my mom more than anybody else. My mom is the only person I know [who] can apply “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” She gets things done, makes things happen, most definitely an alpha woman! My mom is the type of person who is always giving, even when she doesn’t have much to offer! She is a mother not just to her children, but to others as well. 

I also admire Queen Esther, from the Biblical Book of Esther. She holds virtues and capability; the Book of Esther was the first book form the Bible that I read.

What advice would you give to others?

Do not hold back! Do not doubt yourself! Learn to live outside of your comfort zone! Jump in, trust God, and your full potential will be manifested.

What will you miss the most after graduation?

I will miss my Women of Diversity sisters more than anything! 

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