Campus Celebrity Blake Justice '16

Meet Blake Justice, your local basketball star! Whether he is draining 3s on the court or just competing in whatever he might be playing, Blake loves to get moving and stay motivated. Get to know more about this 6'2" senior guard below!

Name: Blake Justice

Hometown: Peebles, Ohio

Major/Minor: Finance & Accounting double major, with a Coaching minor

Classification: Senior 2016

On Campus Involvement: Student athlete with the VSU Men's Basketball Team

Off Campus Community Service: Anything done through basketball from working at elementary schools to playing with kids.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Personality: Ambivert (best of both worlds!)

Passions: Family & Basketball

Favorite Quote: "For those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31

HC: Hey Blake! How did you get from Ohio to VSU?

Blake: I chose VSU for mostly sports related reasons, but also because of the beautiful campus.

HC: Well your basketball career has been nothing short of awesome in terms of what you've brought to the team and what you and the team have accomplished together. Recently, you hit the milestone of scoring 1000 points on the D2 level. What did that moment feel like?

Blake: It's something I will always be able to look back on for my college career but as far as my team goes, I couldn't have done it without them and the people I've had an opportunity to play with throughout my time. I wouldn't trade [them] for anything. They were happy for me but we all know the most important thing is getting the W.

HC: It's great that you are humble and recognize the importance of team. Basketball obviously plays a big role in your life. Do you have a memory when you realized that basketball was a part of your purpose in life?

Blake: When I was in high school, after a basketball game, the gym was still full of people waiting on me. A million little kids asking me to sign shirts or basketballs or shoes. [You recognize your purpose] mainly when you realize a younger generation looks up to you.

"My family has been there helping me, pushing me since day one."

HC: Well aside from basketball, what do you plan to do after graduation? Or do your future plans include that too?

Blake: [I hope to] continue [with] basketball until that's no longer an option and then either take the business route or go into coaching.

HC: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Blake: With a family and then either coaching somewhere or wearing a suit and tie every day. It's all circumstantial.

HC: How do you stay motivated to do your best? Do you ever reflect on your past accomplishments and what they mean to you?

Blake: Motivation comes natural when you love what you're doing. I try not to think about what I've done at this point but more so look at what I can do next for my team or myself.

HC: For yourself, how do you manage being a student athlete and staying on top of a crazy schedule?

Blake: It's tough when in season because we're constantly on the road or having games and practice. I don't practice time management. I more so just try to complete one thing at a time from an academic standpoint and stay on top of it.

HC: If you could give advice to incoming students, what would it be?

Blake: Don't start off slow academically! College is much more fun when you jump on top of your grades early.

HC: We can definitely say amen to that! Since you just celebrated Senior Night this past Saturday and are graduating soon, what legacy do you hope to leave at VSU from your time here?

Blake: I hope to be remembered on the court but also that people remember me as a good person off the court as well.


If you want to catch up with Blake and his ballin' life, check him out on Twitter at @Just_ice_20 and on Instagram at @Bjustice_14! HCXO!