Building 429 Says "YOU CAN!"

I absolutely love digging deep into the root meaning of my favorite songs. To start off, I want to give credit to the Christian Rock Band, "Building 429" for making this awesome song. When I first listened to this song "You Can" the lyrics inspired me. The chorus states the following, " I can't walk on the water, I can't stand in the fire, Unless I look into your eyes, Unless I have you by my side."  Those lyrics immediately reminded me of the Christian movie "The Shack". There is a scene in the movie where the main character walks on water with with God by his side. Correspondingly, he tries to walk on water by himself. As a result, he starts sinking to the bottom. The question that presumably entered his mind was "why?". God told him that alone he can not walk on water but with him he is able to. We may think that we will not always need God, but he will always be there for us. The key component is keeping our eyes focused on him.


With GOD anything is possible. "I can't conquer a giant, or shut the mouth of a lion, I know that I am just a man, but I am in your hands, You can"  David did not defeat Goliath on his own. God explained to David that it is not about size, it is about faith. When Daniel was in the lion's den, the lion's mouth staying closed was not Daniel's own doing, it was God's doing. Daniel continued to pray to God, without shame because of his faith. Others were making fun of him of Daniel for praying to a God that they did not believe in. However. God demonstrated his power when Daniel was in the den unharmed from the lions. 

In my own experiences, I have realized waiting on God is beneficial because he can. Without God the word "can" is meaningless. A long time ago, I was walking up the stairs at my home and my shoulder dislocated out of nowhere and I fell on the floor. I remember calling out God's name, unashamed.  Instantaneously my shoulder popped back in place. God heard my cry for his help. He can put my bones back in place. Unfortunately, my shoulder dislocated again a few years later and I  almost felt embarrassed to scream his name. For this reason, I was in pain for over 3 hours, until it popped back in place.  Not looking into God's eyes and feeling ashamed of my faith, I suffered the consequences. Too frequently, we try to do things our own, on the other hand, it is essential to recognize that we do NEED God's help with everything we face in life good and bad. Look into God's eyes and realize HE CAN.