Build Your Idea Into A Brand

Everyone in their young adult years really wants to know how to go about creating their own brand/business. We always think of how we can get extra money whether we have a job and want more money or don't have a job at all and are trying to get a source of income coming in. There will never be an easy way or knowing everything on how to build your brand/business because there will always be something new that you learn that you can change or do better for your business. Here are some following tips on how I started to create my brand/ build my business.

1) Brainstorm

There will be many different things that people choose to do when trying to decide on what they should do to make money. Personally, I sat and thought of the many things that people my age sell being in college. You have makeup artists, hairstylists, nail technicians, clothing lines, etc. that are all great things to do but I thought that if I think of someone our age that isn't doing this then I should look into something that no one is doing to help make it a trend. You have to think about what exactly you want to do or sell to start even start a business. With that being said, come up with a small outline of small things about it such as a name, what it stands for, if it has a meaning, what you will sell, etc.

2) Come Up With A Name Once You Have Finalized Everything

Finding a name for your brand or business maybe or may not be difficult to come up with. Think of something that is very catchy and appealing to a crowd such as your peers, adults, and ever the children younger than you. Once you come up with your name, you should search on google your brand name to see if someone else has it. If you do find someone that has the same name, just think of something else a little more on the creative side. Always go out big and different!

3) Create Layouts Of All The Categories That Will Be Displayed In Your Brand

Layouts or outlines just may be the best thing to do when trying to separate things in categories. You will need an outline of all the things that you are selling which may include each piece, the cost you bought it for and also the price you will sell it for, the name of each item, and anything else that will be needed. You will also need a budget sheet planning out how much you want to spend on certain things and be able to keep up with the profit that you make. You can also have an outline social media marketing where you will have slogans, flyers, color schemes, etc. 

4) Come Up With A Website Name, Invest In A Business & Tax  I.D. Number

Before you start to create a website or work on anything with it, you will need to go get your Business License which you will have to pay for and get a Tax I.D. number that will be completely free. Once you have those two things, you will be able to branch off and go to some stores that will require you to have these two things and maybe even also a resale license in which you will have to pay for this as well. From there, you will need to come up with a name for your brand first and go from there. That will determine what your website will be called and how you will go about naming your domain. 

5) Purchase/Order

There will be major things that you will have to buy and order online if you can't find it in stores. Paying for your website every month will be the very first important thing that will need to be handled every month in order for your business to stay up and running. You will need to purchase everything that you are selling and if it needs to be embroidered you can add in the cost for it. Sometimes creating your website can be a tough hassle and you might not want to stress and do it yourself. You can always get someone to create it for you if they are more experienced in which you will have to pay for it.  It is also great to find people to be a part of your social media/marketing team. These people will come up with posts, flyers and help with the website. You will need to order all of your supplies such as labels, bags, business cards, stickers, utensils, and etc. 

6) Start Selling And Marketing

Once you've gotten the most important things out of the way, now it is time to market and sell! You have to know how to brand and post things that are catchy to the eye of the customer. You have to figure out what kind of goals you will set for your business to expand and grow! Most importantly, connect and collab with other business to learn and do things better or different.You can also search for events to vendor at selling your merchandise or even plan/ host your very own events. 

With these amazing tips, I hope you have learned how to build and brand your very own business. Think of an idea and make it happen as soon as possible because you never know who is thinking of doing the same thing as you. Always think of ways to be able to work for yourself and not for others!