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Kristen Bryant-Urban Outfitters Inspired Overalls Sports Bra Crop Top Lala Girls 3
Kristen Bryant-Urban Outfitters Inspired Overalls Sports Bra Crop Top Lala Girls 3
Kristen Bryant / Her Campus
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

If you have been reading my articles, you will know that I have previously written two articles based off of the midriff and its societal issues. “What’s Wrong With My Midriff” focuses on the history of showing the fleshy part of your abdomen and the societal stigmas of wearing such clothing. “It’s Not a ‘Midriff’ Problem. It’s a Bra Problem” extends the midriff focus into sports bra wear and its possible dress code violations in gyms. To further these topics even more, we have this new and beautiful article.

The “bare midriff” has been around since the age of hippies and their ideals of freedom, but it really gained popularity when belly-button piercings and lower back tattoos became trendy. These trends led to stylish tube tops, crop tops, and halters being worn by many. However, it sparked much controversy between old, conservative views and, like the hippies, freedom of choice ideals. As time has progressed, shorter top styles have bred into longer, cuter bra styles that can pass off as being tops. Although, its title of “floral lace bra” sparks new yet similar controversy with bras being worn as tops.

Tops that expose the midriff have already sparked conservative controversy concerning its “scandalous” nature much like that of shoulders, thighs, and ankles. While newer generations challenge this stigma and the world progressively learns that everyone has a fleshy belly, the perspective of titles has created a huge impact on the way we judge certain things. For example, take the image below and see your own reactions and/or feelings towards these two statements:



  1. “Wow, that is such a cute top!”

  2. “Wow, that is such a cute bra!”


If you did not see nor feel any differences, congrats! You are probably less susceptible to title influences, or you probably do not care whether it is a top or bra either way. However, there may be a good amount of you that felt that odd shift when the image was reflected on as a bra compared to as a top. It is possible that you were brought up conservatively and see this as a big issue, or maybe you are still conservatively raised but appreciate its fashion attractiveness. Whatever it may be, that odd shift between “top” and “bra” is the influence of titles and how we have been made to see or feel about certain things.

Why Is It An Issue To View Tops And Bras Differently? For the most part, this is not actually an issue. You can still view your assortment of shirts as tops and your dresser full of padded holders as bras.The issue arises when one attempts to wear a bra out into the public as a top, but they have an ashamed feeling or concerned outlook towards what others are going to think or say solely because of the title. It should not matter if the piece of clothing is titled as a top or as a bra, especially if that cute lacy bra looks the exact same as a cute lacy crop top. No one should ever feel less confident to wear something because of the influence of titles.

Can This Influence Be Changed? The influence of titles can be reduced solely by challenging it. If you want to wear that lacy bra out, then just do it and own the way you look in it. No matter what height, weight, race, gender, sexuality, etc, you should own up to your incredible fashion statement and wear it with confidence. Who really is going to know that it is a bra and not a top? Who else should really care if they are not the ones wearing it? To those that can wear bras out as tops, I really do congratulate you. To those, like me, that still have a weird feeling about it, no one can stop you if you wear it with confidence.


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