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Blame the Mercury Retrograde

Has anyone else been feeling like their life has been upside down lately or is it just me? From cracking your iPhone to failing a quiz to losing something valuable or making a regretful decision… Let’s just blame the Mercury Retrograde.

If you don’t know much about astrology or you’re just not that into it then you may be wondering what the Mercury Retrograde is. It is currently happening (from August 30, 2016 to Sept. 22, 2016),  it occurs when Mercury’s orbit slows down and appears to be moving backwards so your life appears to be operating upside down. In about four weeks, the planet will begin to move forward again and your life is set to go back to normal. This process happens about four times a year. In this time span of three and a half weeks, people begin to experience confusion, frustration, delay and more! So when you hear people say “OMG Mercury is about to retrograde, FML!” this is what they mean.

Mercury isn’t actually moving backwards, but if you were to look through a telescope you would see that the planet seems to be moving in a backwards motion. It is one of the closest planets to the sun, so its orbit is much shorter than Earth’s. About three or four times a year, Mercury speeds past the Earth and that causes the Mercury Retrograde period that we experience. As Mercury flies by, its like you’re walking to the bus stop and the bus zooms past you, creating a powerful rush of wind that knocks you off your A-game on its way by.

The chaos and disarray that Mercury causes when it retrogrades can affect the normal structure and balance of our everyday lives on Earth. This includes hardships and challenges in areas that Mercury rules such as communication, awareness, intellect, logic and reasoning, and our thought processes. You may even feel like your life is falling apart, if so, I can totally relate.

On the brighter side, Mercury Retrograde gives us an oppurtunity to slow down, go deep within ourselves, and do some self evaluating. Here’s a few ways to help you survive the last few days of this retrograde period. 

  • Don’t make any huge purchases! Any high priced items that you buy could possibly have major flaws that you aren’t aware of, so be careful and if you don’t have a choice make sure to purchase the warranty. 
  • Back up any important assignments and information. You don’t need to risk losing all your hard work!
  • Work on your personal goals and goals for the future with caution. Your thoughts about your personal and future goals may change during this time.
  • Redo, reassess, repair, repeat, redesign, or revisit. Instead of chasing any new ideas right now, its a better use of your time to focus on the quality of our current ideas and improve it to the best that it can be.
  • Be concious of the things around you. Stay aware of the things that are going on around you so you won’t leave yourself open to be affected by anything stressful that can negatively impact you.

Things are not all bad during Mercury retrograde, sometimes things can work in your favor. It all depends on how you choose to use this time of disorder. Only a few days left, so challenge yourself and use it to your advantage. Stay postive & be great, HCXO!

Vivian Watley, also known as, Vee is a new member of Her Campus Valdosta State. She is a junior studying mass media and possibly soon to be a communication minor. As a current mass media student, Vee is still deciding on what specifically she wants to focus on. She enjoys creating YouTube videos and considers herself a natural hair enthusiast.
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