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Best Study Spots: Club Odum Edition

Think about this: It’s the middle of the semester and you have a huge exam next week that’s worth 100 points of your final grade. As you are scrambling through the library to find a study room, they’re all taken. While trying to find a study room, you think about how much you want to drop out, but at the same time you need a degree to make a huge income to support the Pinterest life you want to achieve. After walking around for 10 minutes, you haven’t found one yet. You give up trying to find a study room and go home in the hopes that you don’t fall asleep.

As dramatic as that is, we have all been there at least a few times since freshman year. After attending this university for about 4 years (Go senior year!), I have my list of top spots for you when you need to study! ​

1. First Floor study rooms: What? People don’t know that the first floor has a set of study rooms? Yes and during mid-day, it’s almost empty from 10-2. The reason for this is that people use these study rooms for small study sessions or for a break before their next class. They are pretty huge and you can share them! Just ask a stranger and make a new study buddy! 

2. Third Floor cubicles: These cubicles are often isolated behind the bookshelves and are often empty until after 5. They have outlets, and you can switch out the chairs to one of the more comfortable ones! 

3. First Floor Internet Café: The Café is where you can grab a snack from the vending machines, some coffee from the mini Starbucks and print your papers out all in one setting! It’s a nice little spot, if you bring some headphones to tune out the people around you! Enjoy studying with the smell of coffee and chill vibes from everyone trying to study as well! 

4. Outside the library: On a nice, warm day (not humid, this is Valdosta); sit outside and just chill. Get some fresh air and get some Vitamin D! Bring your textbooks, a snack and get to studying! 

I hope this list helped you! Have an amazing semester; let’s start off strong!



    Nicolette is a junior at Valdosta State University, majoring in Communications with an emphasis in social media and interpersonal. She is also a digital content creator and freelance writer for Thought Catalog. Nicolette is also an avid coffee drinker, animal lover, and anime/marvel fanatic. Nicolette has a passion for catching up with the latest social media trends, writing and networking. Her dream career would be a social media manager or marketing coordinator.
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