The Beauty of the Days Before Christmas

For many people around the world, we can not hardly wait for Christmas Day. People need to realize  the days before Christmas actually happen to be the best. When I was little, I could not wait for Christmas morning to open up my presents under the tree. However, after all the presents were opened, Christmas basically felt over to me. Do not get me wrong, I love opening presents, however, I realized as I got older that I enjoyed the days before Christmas the most. I adored spending time with my family on Christmas Eve, drinking hot chocolate and eating warm baked pastries while watching Christmas movies. My family would also read the story in the Bible about the birth of baby Jesus Christ. That night, specifically, fills me with so much joy and happiness.

It's best to enjoy all the Holly, Jolly Christmas festivities. Go caroling, drive around and look at lights or make a gingerbread house. Christmas day, and more specifically Christmas morning, is meant to be spent with family. After that day, most people around the world start preparing for New Years Eve, and just like that, Christmas is over. For that reason, please learn to enjoy and realize the beauty and importance of the days before Christmas. It is the most wonderful time of the year!

Seasons Greetings! :)