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Beauty & Brains: Brows for Your Special Face Shape

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Of course eyebrows are important! They frame your eyes and can accentuate your face’s best features! However, wrongly shaped eyebrows can give your face a change that won’t complement you. If you’re lost on what shape could be best for you, or if you’re just interested in trying something different, I’m here to help!

Too much or too little brow can really change your appearance. Eyebrows can give you a natural face lift and brighten up those pretty eyes, so make sure you’re giving them some good TLC!

First, you need to determine your face shape: In a mirror, look at the outline of your face, paying attention to your jawline and forehead.

Then, clean them up. Give your local esthetician a visit and get your brows waxed or threaded! Make sure you always let them know exactly what you want so that you can keep your natural arch, and so that you can make your own adjustments as you wish!

Or you can tweeze them. If money is tight and you can’t go get your brows done, or you simply don’t have the time, you can always grab some tweezers and go to work. First, brush all your brows in the same direction. You can use scissors to clean up any stray hairs sticking out of the top your desired shape. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so take your time with this so you won’t have to wait all month for them to grow back.

The final step is to fill them in. Find a powder or brow liner that’s two to three shades lighter than your hair color for a natural look. If you’re blonde, go two to three shades darker.

The key to filling in your brows is light, gentle strokes. You want your brows to accentuate your face, not overtake it. Start in an upward motion and follow your natural arch to fill in your brows to your desired shape.

VSU’s Her Campus writer Elena Mincy posted some great tips on filing in your eyebrows, here.


It’s finally time to decide what brow shape is best for you.

If you have a square shaped face, give yourself more of a high rounded arch to soften your facial structure. The curves in the eyebrow soften the strong jawline features.


If you have a heart or triangle shaped face, create a low and rounded arch to balance out other features.


Round faces should try a more defined arch and can even get away with a thinner brow.


For long or oval face, thicker brows and soft arches compliment your face very well.

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