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Let’s be honest, ladies: being a girl is hard. With hair, fitness and clothes, a girl’s daily beauty routine can become a problem! But your makeup shouldn’t add to the problem. From foundation to mascara to lipstick, we are always buying makeup! One of the most heartbreaking moments a girl can experience is finding broken lipstick, shattered foundation or eyeshadow, or clumped mascara in our makeup bags. What is a girl to do?

Before tossing your ruined makeup, you can easily repair it. From cosmetics and dried out nail polish to unusable eyeliner, there are remedies you can utilize to help save your makeup and money. Here are 5 simple tips to repair broken makeup!


1. Mascara

Every girl loves mascara! Unfortunately, it can dry out very quickly.

The reason why mascara dries out is because air gets into the tube. The #1 rule to keeping it feeling like new is to not pump it. Pumping your mascara pushes air inside the tubethe exact opposite of what we want!


If your mascara is less than 6 months old, there is a way to save it! All you need is a microwave safe cup, water, and contact solution or olive oil.

First, put 2 to 3 drops of contact solution or olive oil in the tube. Then, close the tube and shake it for ten seconds.

If your mascara is not smoother, fill your cup with water and microwave for 3 minutes.

Place the mascara tube in the water for about five minutes and VOILA! Brand new mascara!


2. Eyeshadow

We’ve all dropped our eye shadow before, and usually it ends up shattered. Because compacts are so thin, eyeshadows are easily breakable when dropped. Also, extreme temperatures can make eyeshadow more prone to breakage!


Fortunately, you can fix shattered eye shadow with rubbing alcohol and a spoon or coin.

Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the shattered makeup and press the mixture together with the back of a spoon or coin. Let it dry for a few.

Eyeshadow repair complete! This technique can also be used on blush, foundation, or any other compressed makeup.

A tip to preventing breakage is to secure the compact securely when traveling and keep it in cool temperatures.


3. Nail Polish

We all love nail polish and the occasional at home mani-pedi. But what we hate is when the bottle becomes thick and dries out! Like mascara, the pumping action allows air to enter into the bottle. This causes the polish to dry out.

When this happens, we usually throw it away. NEWS FLASH: nail polish doesn’t expire.


Here is a remedy to repair old, thick nail polish to make it appear brand new and go on smoothly! All you need is your polish and nail thinner.

First, add one drop of nail thinner into the bottle. Place the cap back on bottle. Shake for ten to twenty seconds and test the consistency of the polish.

Add as much nail thinner needed until desired polish consistency is reached!

Do not add nail polish remover to polish. This will damage the polish. You can save a bottle of your favorite polish with this simple technique.


4. Lipstick

Have you ever bought lipstick before, only to see it’s broken or melted when you open it? I have, so I know the feeling!

You spent money on this tube of lipstick, and now it’s ruined. Or is it?


There is a super easy way to fix this! All you need is a match or lighter and a refrigerator.

First, use a match or lighter and melt the top layer of lipstick that is attached to the tube. Place the broken piece of the lipstick to the melted base.

After joining the two pieces together, use a match or lighter to melt the outer edges together for extra hold. Then, place the lipstick in the refrigerator for 15 to 30 minutes.

Later, remove the lipstick and smooth out any leftover lumps with your fingers. And there you have it! Newly repaired lipstick. If your lipstick looks like it’s melting, place it in the refrigerator for another 20 minutes.

Remember ladies, because lipstick is made out of waxes and emollients, they become ruined when not kept in the right temperature.


5. Eyeliner

You buy an eyeliner pencil, and it’s not what you thought. It smudges or doesn’t produce a smooth line! So what do you do?


Rather than throwing it away, you can turn your eyeliner pencil into a liquid eyeliner. All you need is a lighter.

Hold your pencil under a flame for about five seconds. Then, allow it cool down for 15 seconds. Now you’ve turned your eyeliner pencil into liquid liner!


And there you have it: five simple tips that help you save your favorite cosmetic items! But remember, only save makeup that has not expired. You cannot preserve makeup that has reached its peak.

Not only will these tips help you become more makeup savvy, but it helps you save money too. Enjoy these tips, ladies. Stay fabulously beautiful!

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