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Beauty & Brains: 5 Basic Makeup Needs

1. Good Brushes

It’s all in the stroke! The importance of good makeup brushes is definitely underestimated. Just as you are precise about which brushes you use for your hair, you should be equally precise about which brushes you use for your face. It’s also important to make sure to always clean your brushes regularly to avoid bacteria build up, which could cause acne and breakouts.


2. Foundation

Every successful makeup look needs a foundation! Choosing the correct foundation is important because it can make or break your look. You never want your foundation to look like it’s caked onto your face. Your foundation should always create an even, flawless complexion. 


3. Mascara

The perfect eye is never complete without mascara. It adds volume, length, and curl. Mascara is the easiest way to draw attention to those big beautiful eyes, add that extra oomph to the smoky eye and give a flirty splash to your everyday makeup routine.


4. Flattering eye shadow 

If you don’t have the right eyeshadow you don’t even need to worry about mascara. The right eyeshadow can reshape and brighten your eyes, but it takes the right mixes, blending and precision to get that perfect look!


5. Good Nude/Red Lipstick 

Lipsticks are an essential for your makeup wardrobe. Choosing the right color is also essential, because we all know that all colors are not made for all skin tones. Although some colors are a definite no for anyone, every girl should have at least one nude and one red lipstick. You can never go wrong with these two shades! These colors will always be endless classics.  

Jasmine Kendrick, otherwise known as Penny Lane is a 21 year old junior studying Communication Arts at Valdosta State. Originally from Wisconsin this Mid-Western girl moved to Georgia two years ago when she transferred from Columbia College in Chicago. Most of Jasmine’s time is spent working and being involved on campus. Jasmine loves her afro, shopping, reading a good book, traveling, cooking and spending time with family and friends. Follow Jasmine on Twitter and Instagram @__pennylanee.
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