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Beauty and Brains: Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Maybe you’ve tried to replicate a celebrity’s flawless look and failed miserably. That’s okay! Here are 5 of their secrets that may help you get it right this time around.

Beyoncé is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world, and rightfully so. What’s her beauty secret? “I hold on to my mascara for a long time. I actually prefer old mascara. It makes your lashes thicker and longer.” She also says she dabs a little gold shadow on the corner of her eyes to look more awake. One word, Bey: Flawless. 

Sometimes beauty sleep isn’t guaranteed. Shay Mitchell knows this first hand. She spends majority of her days on set filming “Pretty Little Liars,” so why doesn’t she look like it? Probably because of the spoons in her freezer! “For early mornings when I haven’t had the eight hours of sleep that I would normally like, I have spoons in the freezer. I pull them out and put them on my eyes. They get rid of the bags with a cool, refreshing effect.” 

Aside from being known as the “Contour Queen,” Kim Kardashian is also recognized for her selfie lip pout. She insists her lips are all natural and reveals the trick to her fuller lips is all in the makeup. She uses a highlighter to outline her cupid’s bow (the dip in your top lip). Not only will this make your lips appear more full, but give a glow from within. 

Rihanna’s beauty secret is actually no secret at all. The singer says lipstick is her go-to product, drawing attention away from her flaws. As if she has any! She adds, “When someone is wearing lipstick, you just assume they’re wearing a full face of makeup. And guys are stupid—they won’t notice when you’re not.” If you’re not sure where to start, try some of Rih’s Viva Glam line by MAC.

We’ve all heard it before: “Drink a lot of water, exercise, and get plenty of rest.” According to Jennifer Lopez, that’s her only secret. Aside from a good moisturizer, she doesn’t use much. So let’s take this tip into deep consideration because, well, it’s JLo and who wouldn’t want to look like this at 45?!