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Hello beautiful humans!

Today, social media runs the world. Looking at social media, we see Instagram models, rappers, and other influencers that we look up to. Seeing these influencers living the life that they live, we all look up to them and aspire to be or have what they have. Me personally, I used to wish to be like almost every influencer I saw because of the glitz and glamour. It is all appealing and very eye catching. It got so bad that I started to act different and forgot who I was. I learned too just be myself! I see a lot of people now going through this and it is ok to be you.

Being yourself is just amazing as the people we see on social media. It ok to love every flaw that you have! If that’s not enough, become the best version of yourself! Think positive, do positive and be positive. Look in the mirror right now and stare at yourself speak passivity when you look at yourself. You don’t need all the glitz and glamour to be the best you. You are the best you!

If know one has told you, then I’m going to tell you…… You are and amazing and beautiful. You are you and it is truly beautiful. Never forget that!

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Eriana Jones

Valdosta '22

Hello Beautiful people! My name is Eriana Jones! I am a junior at Valdosta State University and I am a Musical Theater major. I want to keep the arts alive and touch the lives of others. 
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