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Autumn Leaves Bring Exciting Things!

It’s lit! Fall is finally here and with fall comes excitement! It’s the beginning of the holiday season, the temperature drops, and the festivities begin. September 22nd strikes and fall comes knocking on the door. The world is painted red, yellow and orange. The breeze consumes the leaves as they begin to dance in the wind. It’s time to put up your bathing suits and sandals and bring out your hoodies and uggs. They’re a few things to look forward to during this beautiful season!

 It’s Carnival Time

Can’t you hear the screams from the rides and attractions? That smell of fries, popcorn, and funnel cakes that lingers in the air. Music, fun, and games! Yes… It’s carnival season! Be fun and adventurous and enjoy all the amazing fairs and fall festivals this year! It’s a good place to go out with some friends or maybe a fun, romantic date with your man or woman. You can never go wrong at the all-time greatest Perry Fair!


Hoodies and Uggs!

It’s that time to pack up your summer clothes and bring out the winter/fall clothes. Wave goodbye to crop tops, shorts, and sandals and say hello to hoodies, boots, and beanies! Who doesn’t love the breeze mixed with layers?! Go ahead and stock up on your Carmex, lip gloss and chap stick to cater to your lips. It’s time to buy scarves in every color and boots in every design. Bundle up and enjoy this season! 


It’s Holiday Season

Happy Hallothanksmas! It’s the best time of the year because it is holiday season! It kicks off with Halloween right around the corner. Candy, costumes, and parties are what the holiday is all about. Less than a month later it’s time to give thanks while you gain 10 pounds off of Mama’s Thanksgiving Dinner just to wake up the next morning and shop on Black Friday! It’s lit though because if you miss Black Friday, you always have Cyber Monday! A couple weeks later and it’s about that time to start wrapping gifts and begging Santa to forgive you for all your mistakes in the past year. Don’t forget to make your New Year’s Resolution and if you’re lucky you might get to steal a kiss under the mistletoe. 


It’s truly the best time of the year to make memories that you’ll never forget with people you’ll love forever! Don’t let this season pass you by without having a little bit of a turn up because you deserve it. Shop, eat, give, say thanks and appreciate the life you live and the season that’s ahead!



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  Kristina Petty is a sophmore at Valdosta State University. Her aspirations in life is to be a forensic psychologist, beginning her journey majoring in Psychology while minoring in Criminology. She is very active on her campus, participating in many organizations such as Her Campus and on the executive board of the VSU Dance Club. She is from a small town in Virginia with plans to take her degree and travel the world with hopes of making a difference in the lives of others. Check her out on twitter and instagram @blethiopian_
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