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What to Hate About Anxiety

Everyday struggles of anxiety that everyone does not realize is that most of your decisions will be made out of fear of something or doubts. When anxiety calls, rationality slips through your fingers, so you’re forced to react based on emotion (which is NOT always good). That’s where the overthinking comes in. Generally, it is pretty normal to overthink. But, with anxiety, it is safe to say that your mind is constantly in motion. Overpowering thoughts call for stress and headaches. Dealing with these kinds of things on a daily surely have the ability to put a halt in the progression of one’s mental health.


Anxiety can also put a strain on your social life. Picture this: wanting to be accepted by everyone, only being liked by some, and pondering on why you weren’t accepted as opposed to acknowledging that you still were accepted. That’s one example of the rollercoaster called anxiety. It is unbelievably easy to think of the negative over the positive in certain situations. “Why not? Why don’t they like me? What don’t they like about me? Am I good enough?” Negative thoughts like that tend to stray you away from possible positive outcomes of the relationship, leaving nothing but a cloud full of negative vibes and a relationship full of bad vibes does not flourish. Overthinking of negative thoughts leads to more overthinking of negative thoughts.

Basically, the same obstacles in a friendship will occur in a romantic relationship but they will be slightly different. Like I said before when anxiety calls, you’re forced to act based on emotion. Essentially, this is jumping to conclusions and lacking communication, thinking everything is figured out. Doing so causes tension in these types of relationships (on top of other inevitable relationship problems).

What to Love About Anxiety

I recently watched a YouTube video of a woman’s spoken word performance that focused on the topic of anxiety. She stated one thing and one thing only that shed some light on anxiety. I say “love” lightly because of this one thing. She said that, after all the bad that comes with anxiety, you can rely on it at the end of the day. Where anxiety brings in all the doubts and overthinking, it’s a consistent aspect of your life that makes you who you are. Anxiety IS  a big pest but the first step to loving yourself is learning to love the things that make you who you are. In a more positive light, you’re beautiful and your anxiety is beautiful.


There are many other down-played obstacles faced with anxiety. If you are dealing with this mental health disorder, know that you are not alone. We’re all dealing with these issues in our own unique ways. When you feel alone, feel empty, misunderstood, or less than, focus on yourself. Your well being and your mindset make you the person you are. Keep it positive and keep it beautiful. Don’t ever doubt yourself or feel unappreciated and unloved. If there is one thing I know, you have love in all the right places!


I hope you liked reading this as much as I loved writing it. Bless you!

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