7 PETA-Approved Cosmetic Brands

Animal testing effects about 100 million animals each year. Animals endure tests to determine if cosmetics will irritate the skin, eyes, or even cause diseases and, sometimes, death. Animals deserve better treatment and we can help by using cosmetic brands that refrain from using their products on animals. Here are a few of our faves that are PETA-approved!

1. Too Faced: This brand carries several shades to accomodate all of our lovely skin tones!

2. Urban Decay: Yes, you can keep using your favorite palette! This high quality brand keeps us on fleek every time!

3. Tarte Cosmetics: Tarte carries the best Fall colors, so stack up ladies (& gents)!

4. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Just in time for Halloween, this makeup is great for creating a scary face to match your costume!

5. Elf Cosmetics: This extremely inexpensive brand gets the job done without hurting our pockets!

6. Nyx Cosmetics: Now you can get that cute Lip Suede lipstick in every color!

7. Wet N' Wild: This inexpensive brand keeps our face and nails popping with color!

These are all great brands that won't alter your makeup routine too much! HCxo!