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7 Items You Must Try At a Mexican Resturaunt

We pretty much all can agree that Mexican food is like the best thing to ever happen to our taste buds. We all love to have our weekly fix of beer and tacos or burritos and nachos. But do we ever try anything else? Rarely. Here are a few things that are absolutely delicious and that I recommend everyone try on their next visit!

1. Queso

Although fairly common and easy to find, lots of people seem to shy away from this ooey-goey cheese. But it is delicious! Try with nachos or pour some onto whatever you order! You won’t regret.

2. Torta Cubana

This hearty sandwich is filled with an array of meats and cheeses and topped off with delicious freshly baked bread. It is huge, so whenever you decide to try this, have an empty stomach!

3. Tamales

This (in American terms) would be best described as a sort of hot pocket, made of a corn outside & meat inside. It’s flavors range from spicy to mild and is commonly filled with poultry, beef or pork.

4. Ceviche

This seafood treat is dripping with lime juices and overflowing with shrimp, spices and avocado. This light meal is served over a corn tostada. 

5. Horchata

This rice drink may sound weird , but it has the perfect combination of cinnamon and sweetness. Refreshing to have with any Mexican cuisine.

6. Concha

Concha is a Mexican sweet bread that works for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also is an awesome desert. The semi-sweet bread is topped with a cookie crust in the shape of a seashell.

These are just a few of the eats I brought enjoy at Mexican restaurants. I hope you all feel the same! HCXO!

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