7 Basics College Girls Should Have In Their Closet

1. Jean Jacket

If you're a product of the 90's, chances are you've owned at least one Tommy Hilfiger, Levi, or Wrangler jean jacket in your lifetime. The great thing about fashion—it always comes back around. Denim goes with anything! It's a great piece to dress an outfit down, layer on a chilly night, or just to throw over your shoulders for an effortless look. Not to mention the many types of jean jackets to choose from: distressed, acid wash, cropped, embellished. You definitely need this!

2. Classic White T-shirt 

You probably already own a couple of these. This is one of the most basic wardrobe pieces that can be dressed in so many ways. That's why its imperative you have one, but don't limit yourself to just one style. Widen your variety with v-necks, crew necks, pocketed, or fitted. Just like leggings, it's a good idea to keep these in bulk because yesterday's white tee outfit can look completely different from today's.  

3. T-shirt Dress

There's a few things we love more than a t-shirt and that's the t-shirt dress, but only when its loose enough to feel a breeze but tight enough to slightly show your body's silhouette. It's undoubtedly one of the easiest and most comfortable pieces to wear and accessorize. The best part about a t-shirt dress is that it can easily transition between hot and cooler weather. On a chilly night you can throw on a leather jacket with ankle boots and when it's hot just add some gladiator sandals and cross body bag.  

4. Leather Jacket 

It's summer time so you still have a little while to catch a great leather jacket on sale. This staple piece is great for the fall and winter. Plus, it instantly makes you look cooler no matter what's underneath!

5. Leggings

It's a basic rule of thumb for every college girl to own a pair of leggings...or 10. There will be those days when jeans just aren't physically an option because the word of the day is comfort and the weather outside is ugly. That's what leggings are for! Nothing says "I tried but not really" like a pair of leggings, cute sneakers, and a classic white t-shirt.

6. Plaid Flannel

The flannel is another 90's throwback. These days you can catch most people wearing them tied around their waist, but they're also cute with ripped jeans and ankle boots or high waisted shorts and some high top converse!

7. Converse

Speaking of Converse...do you own a pair? You should! There's a color for every outfit, but our personal fav are the classic white Converse. Fashion is evolving and currently Converse are being worn with more than just jeans and shorts and unlike other sneakers, these are acceptable the dirtier they get.