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6 Things You’ve Learned Since You’ve Been In College

When you prepare for college there are a lot of things that go through your mind. Most of your thought process is related to education but once you become fully involved, you realize education definitely isn’t the only part of your college experience.  

1. Well-rounded meals are far and few in between.

It is not that you cannot eat healthy meals when you become a college student, it’s that pizza and cookies are so much cheaper than most full course meals. Plus, you can eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


2. Finding a new hairstylist in your college town can be difficult.

Trusting someone with your hair is super difficult to do. You could go in for a trim and leave with six inches gone and a whole new look. Hopefully, you ask around and find a stylist that makes you look and feel wonderful.


3. Home is where your heart is…as well as your comfortable bed.

You love the freedom, parties and all the awesome friends you have made since you have been in college, but when breaks and holidays come around you are more than thrilled to head home.


4. After switching majors twice, pulling an all-nighter for an exam and having at least one meltdown during the week, you are trying to figure out what you are doing.


Don’t panic! Every college student has had a moment where they contemplate every life decision. You will be fine. Just push through, get your work done, study hard and everything will be okay. You are on the way to becoming a successful adult, it just takes time.


5. If you have $5 in your bank account consider yourself rich.

Between buying books, food, and more t-shirts to wear to class it seems like you never have enough money. You are saving all your change just so you can make it to the next pay day. We have all been there! The college struggle is real. 


6. Sometimes you just have to dance it out.

Everyone deals with stress differently but bottling it up is never a good idea. Take some time to yourself and dance it out. You can even dance in public if you want.

College is nothing like the movies but that is okay. You have undoubtedly come to the realization that there is really no way to prepare. Keep calm; you are going to make it through!


Rineta is a Speech Communication major at Valdosta State University, with an emphasis in public relations. She aspires to have a career in sports media relations one day. In her free time she enjoys binge watching shows written by Shonda Rimes on Netflix, reading professional athlete autobiographies and being the friend who laughs too much. Follow her- IG/Twitter: _rrainey
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