6 Things We Do Now That Our Kids Will Laugh at One Day

Growing up, I remember the first time I found my parent's yearbooks. I was shocked! Who knew that once upon a time unibrows and big frizzy hair was a popular trend? My parents laugh off their prom dress disasters and high waisted football shorts now but back then, that was what everyone was doing! 

It makes me think about what recent trends my friends and I have participated in that our future kids will laugh at one day. I've come up with a top 6 of the most embarrassing trends I can think of that my kids will mock me for one day!

1. Tebowing

This trend became popular when Tim Tebow played for the Florida Gators. Tim Tebow is a devout Christian, and after great play, would take a moment to kneel in the endzone and pray to God. This kneeling craze swept the nation which led to fans "Tebowing" everywhere! I know I have a posed photo with my cousins on a family vacation hiding somewhere in my computer...let's hope I've lost it!

2. Oversized T-Shirts & Shorts

It's cute. It's comfy. It's supposed to be slimming. Sorta. Whatever your reason, it's a lot easier to throw this on in the morning instead of actually being perfectly put together. I can see my future daughter and I leaving the house to run errands, and upon seeing my outifit her exclaiming, "MOM! I can't believe you would dress like that in PUBLIC! Change now!" *Cringe*

3. Selfie Sticks

They are so useful! You don't have to worry about perfecting a selfie forever, trying to fit your outfit in a picture at arm's length, or asking someone else to take your photo. Our kids are probably going to wonder why we were too socially awkward to ask someone else to take the group photo. "Dad, why is your head bigger than everyone else's?" YIKES!

4. Angry Birds

We find apps amusing. Especially games with birds. Whether it was Angry Birds or Flappy Bird that stole hours of your time, there was something addicting and oddly satisfying about beating a level or getting a new high score. With the push to make future generations smarter faster, our kids will probably be occupied with math games or weird Suduko apps. They won't have time for our frivilous dinosaur games.

5. Planking

Yes! Let's all lay down in random places on our stomachs, face to the ground, all in the name of internet humor! While our creativity was being stretched and pushed to defy gravity and other boundaries, I doubt our kids will be impressed. "Mom, I lay down like that in my bed all the time when I get chocolate wasted. Its no big deal." 

And last but not least....

6. Shake Weights

"WTF MOM AND DAD!?!?!? " No honey, we're just trying to exercise. At least, I think that's what we're supposed to do.

Any more horrifying trends you can think of that will haunt us one day? Feel free to share it with us on Twitter at @hcvaldosta! Until then, let's laugh it off and look forward to sharing it with our kids.