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6 Things Every Valdosta State Student Should Know (If They Don’t Already)

For some of us, this is the second semester of our first year and, for others, the last semester of our college experience. No matter your classification, you may not know everything there is to know about VSU. Here’s a couple of interesting things every VSU student should know, but may not.


1. There is a portable car battery charger in the Oak Street Parking Deck

Most of us are familiar with the frustrating experience of having a dead car battery. If your car battery happens to die while being parked on campus you can save the trouble of flagging down other drivers or scrolling through your contracts with desperation. On the second floor of the Oak Street Parking Deck you can check out a portable car battery charger. It works just like jumper cables and is simple to use. 


2. The Internet Cafe

The Odum Library may close at 2:00 a.m. Sunday-Thursday and 9:00 p.m. Friday-Saturday, but the Internet Cafe (located at the bottom floor of the library) is open 24/7, with the exception of Saturdays. Students have access to several computers for late night paper writing, research or any studying that needs to be done. You can also use the printers to print in color!


3. Weekend Parking

For the most part, we are all aware of VSU’s strict parking policy, and racking up tickets is the last thing we want to do. On the weekends, however, you have options other than Sustella and Oak Street Parking Lot. Starting Friday at 5:00 p.m., students with a VSU parking decal can park in any of the parking lots until Sunday night. Parking lots include (but are not limited to) the dorm parking lots, the gravel parking lot by the Honors House, and the Health Center parking lot. Be careful though, because on Monday morning parking policy goes back to normal and your car must be moved!


4. Dining Hall Feedback

We all have an opinion about on-campus dining. Whether it be a suggestion, complaint, request, or compliment, you can let your opinion be known! On the Dine On Campus homepage, you can go to the “Be Heard” tab on the top and leave your feedback. The dining staff are eager to hear what the students think and want to do their best to make improvements, so help them help you!


5. The Night Shuttle

Although the shuttle doesn’t run 24/7, there is an alternative night time option of transportation. The VSU night shuttle runs nightly (starting at 11) every night. The shuttle takes students from place to place on campus and the headquarters are located in the Sustella Parking Deck. There is also a number you can call for pick up wherever you are on campus! All you need is your 1Card to be swiped and approved before boarding.


6. Silent Computer Labs

Sitting by the computers in the library may be distracting with all the background noise and chatter going on. When you really need silence and time to focus, you can utilize one of the silent computer labs! Here, there is an attendant monitoring the lab to make sure there is no noise whatsoever in the room. There is no talking, or excess noise allowed.


You never know when any of these facts will be needed. Remember, you can never know too much about your school!

Michaela Leung is the current Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Valdosta State. She is an honors student studying Mass Media and working on a Cross-Training Certificate in Journalism at Valdosta State University with aspirations to be a music journalist and a news anchor. This New York native enjoys fashion, all kinds of music, socializing, making people laugh and standing up for what is right. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: michaelaskrunk
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