6 Things to Do Before Fall

Time flies when you're having fun in the sun, right? Fall starts next week, and we all know what that means: new weather, new clothes, holidays, and everything in between! With the new season comes lots of changes that you need to be prepared for! Here's a last minute to-do list to check off before Fall officially starts!

1. Clean out your closet

We all know how hard it is to let go of the shorts and tank tops, but it's time! Put those summer clothes away and make room for your fall wardrobe! If you want to know how to turn some summer pieces into fall/winter outfits, click this link!

2. Go shopping

 The best part about the season changing is having an excuse to add to your wardrobe! You can catch new arrivals, and you can also rack up on clothes for next summer at a lower price!

3. Apply for a seasonal job

Many places that hire for the holidays start accepting applications at the beginning of Fall! Get ahead of the game and submit your application so you can have some extra money for the holidays!

4. Check your current grades

Make sure you're keeping up with your grades for the semester! By checking your in-progress grades, you will be able to figure out what you're doing right, wrong, and what you should improve on. It's a great way to keep yourself from procrastinating until the end of the semester by making sure your grades are up to par. 

5. Check the weather more often

As Fall approaches, the temperatures are slowly dropping. Make sure you're prepared for cooler nights and breezes throughout the day!

6. Plan your Fall break

VSU's Fall break is October 12-13. This is a great time to plan a road trip with friends, or a trip home to see your family! Plan ahead so you can use your time wisely.

We're definitely ready for Fall once we've finished our checklist!